Mother and Baby

You can buy massage crayons (to trick your children into rubbing your back whilst EastEnders is on!)

Normally when your little ones play, it involves paint-splattered floors, felt tip scribblings on your expensive table and a living room which looks like a toy box has exploded.

Most days we have to a tidy every fifteen minutes, just to see the carpet.

However, those days are officially over as Groupon have introduced massage crayons, meaning the only thing that will look a mess is... um, YOU.

Picture the scene. It's a Friday night and you really, really REALLY want a fancy masseuse to get the knots out of your back. Alas, it's £70 an hour, EastEnders is on the telly and you're craving a Chinese. If only there was a simple solution...

... there is indeed!

Now, your little ones can draw on you with special 'massage crayons' that promise to feel really good on the skin. All they have to do is create wonderful pieces of art on your back.

Though they may feel disheartened when you later don't pop their picture on the fridge!

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