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11 genius kitchen products that'll make your life so much easier

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Modern life can be demanding, with school runs, working hours and looking after children, there's sometimes not enough time in a day to add in the extra hours of cleaning after you've cooked or prepped a meal. 

So to make your life easier, we've found the best kitchen products that will cut the time on those long, boring chores and the effort to do them! 

11 must-have kitchen gadgets:

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1) All-in-one Frying Pan, £24.99, MenKind

This five-compartment frying pan will save you using, what feels like, a hundred pans and it's suitable for all hob types. You'll drastically reduce you washing up pile and those Full English Breakfast will now be even more of a dream to cook.
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2) Automatic Sauce Stirrer, £10.99, Amazon

You'll not be going stir-crazy over the pan with this handy device. While care should always be taken when using the product in hot sauces, you can peel and chop the rest of your dinner while this does the stirring for you! Just make sure not to leave it unnattended. 
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3) Measuring Spoon Weighing Scales, £25.48, Amazon

For a spoon the price might be a little steep, but this gadget is perfect for measuring small ingrediants and ideal for any calorie counters!
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4) Autodose Connected Dishwasher, £399, Beko

This highly anticipated product will be a lifesaver for those days you forget to turn on your dishwasher or buy detergent. Wi-fi connected through the HomeWhiz app, the Beko AutoDose Dishwasher alerts you to when the filter needs cleaning and even lets you programme the dishwasher to start during off peak electrical hours which saves energy and money! 
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5) Cupcake Batter Dispenser, £24.49, Amazon

Tired of making cupcakes that are all uneven? This dispenser can be filled with pancake or cupcake mix and saves so much time and effort, just fill the dispenser with the batter and pull the trigger - it'll dispense the perfect amount of batter each time! 
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6) Cheese Mill Grinder, £3.99, Ebay

This stylish cheese grater will save you hours of grating cheese in advance, simply pop cheese into the mill and twist to do to the grating for you. You'll get the perfect amount of grated cheese without doing too much, which is convenient for making lasangas or casseroles! 
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7) Snap and Strain Container, £9, Dunelm

We know how much of a chore it can be sometimes trying to drain pasta or grease from a pan, so with this strainer that attaches to your pan, you'll save having to transfer the pan contents to a different container and back again! It'll make cooking pasta so much easier. 
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8) Multi Egg Yolk Catcher, £8, John Lewis

This gadget lets you seperate up to six eggs at a time - wow! This kitchen gadget makes baking easier and a lot less messy. 
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9) Apple Slicer and Corer, £3.99, Amazon

It's always hard trying to core and slice apples and it takes up a lot of time which you might not have with a little one. So save time with this folding apple slicer that not only cuts 8 even slices, but cores the apple at the same time! Handy to have when you're out, too, to save pre-sliced apples going brown. 
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10) Easy Pull Food Processor, £21, Dunelm

This eco-friendly food processor isn't just great for the environment, but it's great for food prepping! Chop, puree and blend foods at the pull of a string. There'll be no more tears, and not just because you'll no longer have to chop onions, because you'll save hours of chopping in general! 
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11) 2 Slice Vision Toast, £136.99, Nisbets

How much time have you spent re-making toast because it was either  "not done enough" or "too burnt", we're guessing a lot. This super stylish, two-slice toaster lets you see the bread cooking to the exact colour that you or your little ones like it, saving time and bread! So that means perfect toast and less journeys to the shop for the bread you always seem to be buying!  


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