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13 last-minute spooky buys for your little one's Halloween

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We all remember the time of the year where you get to dress up scary with your buddies, knock on the neighbours, and get as many sweets and chocolates as you possibly can without your mum and dad sneaking into the cupboard while you're asleep.

What makes it even MORE thrilling is trying to get sorted the week before. AKA... a quick trip to ASDA to get your hands on all the best last-minute spooky gear with a bargain. 

If you haven't managed to get your youngsters kitted out for Halloween yet, here are the best spooky buys that will do the trick, even at the last minute. 


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1) Halloween Witch Wig, £3, George ASDA

The perfect go-to if you've run out of time to brainstorm some ideas for Halloween. With a witch's wig, all you need to do is find a dress and maybe some black eye shadow, and Voilà! 
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2) Kids Zombie Halloween Costume (4-11yrs), £12 - £14, Matalan

Dress up your little monster in Matalan's Kids Zombie costume. It has a green and orange mesh top, a zombie mask, and navy trousers. They're sorted for a night of getting spooked and a bit of trick or treating. 
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3) Black Spider All in One and Hat Halloween Outfit, £5, George ASDA

If your little one doesn't want to miss out on all the spooky fun, this Black Spider All in One is the way to go for their first Halloween. This one looks cute and a bit scary, but so cosy! 
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4) Halloween Orange Pumpkin Rattle Socks (0-24 months), £2.62, Tu Clothing (Sainsburys)

Your baby can play along this Halloween with these cute pumpkin socks while looking absolutely adorable. They'll be entertained with these little socks which come with a rattling sound, and they're non-slip too. 
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5) Halloween Bat Lenticular Fancy Dress Costume, £5, George ASDA

This bat costume is the perfect option for trick or treating or a fun movie night. The spooky bat wings are too fun to miss out on this year.
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6) Girls Toddler Halloween Outfit - Little Devil Monster, £5, B&M Bargains

A fun costume for your youngster could be this Little Devil outfit. This is available from ages up to 4 years. 
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7) Ghostbusters Halloween Fancy Dress Costume, £8, George ASDA

Who you gunna call?... This fun Ghostbusters costume will make this Halloween the most fun yet as they'll be winning Best Dressed for sure. This all in one boiler suit even comes with its proton pack to complete the look. 
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8) Halloween Pumpkin Glittering Fancy Dress Costume, £5, George ASDA

Dress your little girl as a cute pumpkin this Halloween in ASDA's sparkly pumpkin dress. It even comes with a matching pumpkin headband to complete this sweet outfit for trick or treating! 
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9) Baby Itsy Bitsy Spider Costume, £21.99,

If you're wanting to spend a bit more and treat your little one to a spooky costume, this adorable baby Itsy Bitsy Spider all in one could be just perfect. Why not take their favourite nursery rhyme to another level? 
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10) Boys Toddler Halloween Outfit - Little Vampire, £5, B&M Bargains

Here's another great idea when deciding what to dress your youngster up as this Halloween. This Little Vampire costume from B&M is easy to do and such a good price, especially if you're running out of time.
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11) Wilko Halloween Cat Dress Costume 6-12 Months, £7, Wilko

As the night of trick or treating is coming up, get your kids organised at a good price. We can guarantee your little girl will fall in love with Wilko's Cute Cat costume which includes a sweet black and purple dress with a headband to match. 
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12) Wilko Halloween Trick or Treat Bucket, 50p, Wilko

Now, all of these costumes are fabulous, but each one of them is incomplete without a Trick or Treat bucket! At just 50p, Wilko's Halloween bucket is the perfect carrier for all the sweets and chocolates they'll get on the night. 
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13) Anti Nightmare Mist, £4.95,

The anti nightmare mist launched by kids bed specialist, Cuckooland, gets rid of dreams that are all things nasty and keeping your tots up at night. Spray the mist that has a top secret ‘anti-nightmare’ formula around the bedroom before bedtime. 

What is your youngster dressing up as this Halloween? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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