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10 Unexpected Tips To Help You Conceive

Section: Getting Pregnant
Getting pregnant can either be the most natural thing in the world or something approaching hard work. If your endeavours veer more towards the latter than the former check out our handy guide of tips to adopt to help you conceive. It’s not all blueberries and folic acid, you know. Believe it or not, the odd glass of claret helps too.
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Keep a Fertility Diary

Most doctors agree that women are more likely to get pregnant within a day or so of ovulating. You usually ovulate two weeks after the first day of your period, so it’s not a bad idea to have lots of sex at this point. Keep a fertility diary if you find it helps, so you know when you’re at your peak. Your body will often tell you itself when its ready to conceive. If not, check out our ovulation calculator.

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Eat a Big Breakfast

Fancy a super easy, super tasty way of boosting your pregnancy chances? Make your breakfast your biggest meal of the day. When 60 females between 25 and 39 were studied, it was found that those who ate more at breakfast than dinner were more likely to conceive than those who ate their main meal in the evening. Pancakes anyone?
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Have a Drink Sometimes

While many people will tell you not to drink when trying to get pregnant, countless studies have shown that a glass or two of wine in the evening can in fact increase your chances of fertility.

Those who drink a moderate amount of red or white wine stand a better chance of conceiving within two months than women who prefer beer and spirits, or those who don’t drink at all. You’ve got to be pretty disciplined, though, as any more than a glass or two and the scales tip the other way. Half a bottle tops is about the limit.

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Get Your Man On The Carrots

An unusual suggestion, perhaps, but a study conducted by Harvard University last year found that the vegetable that helps us see in the dark has been proven to improve sperm performance. If he’s not a carrot fan, try other orange and yellow foods like pumpkin, sweetcorn and swede. They’re packed full of chemicals called carotenoids and are essential for helping the sperm swim towards the egg.
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Avoid the Bathroom Straight After Sex

While much of this tip is a rather graphic old wives’ tale (sitting upside down with your legs in the air par exemple) it can help to avoid your usual quick trip to the bathroom as soon as the deed is done. Instead, lie still on the bed for 15 to 20 minutes to give the sperm the chance to travel and get to work. It’s old school, but it helps.
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Create a Fertility-Boosting Couples Meal Plan

This one’s obvious, but couples who are both eating the right thing are always more likely to conceive than those who aren’t. Eating well means lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and fish, and steering clear of processed foods and salt. There are lots of foods that have been proven to increase fertility (blueberries, raspberries, red peppers, broccoli and spinach). But our pick of the bunch is oysters. Date night?
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Stop Stressing

According to a study conducted earlier this year, stress can more than double a woman’s chance of being infertile. It’s therefore more important than ever that you switch off every once in a while. Try meditation classes or relaxation CDs. We promise they’ll help.
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Get in Shape

Sorry to sound preachy, but there will never be a better opportunity to get in shape. Carrying excess weight can lead to the overproduction of a certain hormone that upsets ovulation. Even if the exercise is just gentle, it’s better for you than nothing.
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Have Orgasms

Rejoice and have fun with your sex life, as orgasms may increase the likelihood of conception. This one isn’t just for men either. According to some experts, the contractions of the uterus after orgasm help the sperm along to work its magic. Have sex as often as possible. It goes without saying that the more frequent the more likely.
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Get Some Zzzs

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, get some sleep. We’re talking seven or eight hours of proper actual shuteye here; not lying in bed with the iPad/Blackberry/laptop. Try taking a hot bath and supping on camomile tea an hour or so before bed. And ban the electronic devices at 9pm. You never know, it might make you feel more in the mood…

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