How the season your baby is born in affects their personality

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When your baby arrives could have fundamental consequences for her future. Who knew?

Even when you’re actively trying for a baby, it’s not easy to make sure you have that chilled-out Pisces child or aren’t heavily pregnant during
the hottest part of the year.

But that doesn’t stop many of us considering when the best time to give birth might be. A summer baby? Perfect, that means lots of mat leave walks in the park and naps in the sun (for you). But it would also mean a child who starts school younger than her peers.

And, while being a summer baby certainly hasn’t done Barack Obama or Jennifer Lopez any harm, a new report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies suggests children born in August should have their exam marks boosted because they’re nearly a year younger than some of their classmates when they sit tests.

So, don’t head to the bedroom until you’ve thought about the pros and cons of every season…

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1) Spring babies

Greater risk of various illnesses: According to a worldwide study into the effects of seasons on health, spring babies are at greater risk of various illnesses, including asthma.

The reason is two-fold: coughs and colds are still prevalent in early spring, and women who are pregnant during winter tend to eat a diet lower in vitamins than those who are expecting in salad-filled summer.

She's more likely to be content: On the plus side, the fact that your newborn soaks up lots of sun means she’s more likely to be content.

Research shows that light is a mood elevator and babies exposed to more of it literally have a sunnier disposition.

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