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Watch: Izzy Judd talks about IVF, baby number two and her new book, Dare to Dream

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‘I remember the moment Lola was born thinking wow I was lucky enough to see you as an embryo, I remember holding her and thinking I would wait forever for you, I’m so glad I went through what I did because it’s brought me you.’

I remember holding her and thinking I would wait forever for you.

Izzy Judd, 33 was every part as honest and humble as her social media presence suggests as she talks about her personal struggles to become a mum. As we talk about her new book, Dare to Dream, Izzy is an overwhelmingly positive voice of hope to women everywhere going through fertility issues.

Izzy believes we need to talk about IVF more, to break the silence and make ‘those three little letters less scary’. As we talk, I’m struck with how strong Izzy is, sharing some of the darkest days of her life with the world, both in this interview and on the pages of her new book. When I ask Izzy about this she tells me that if she helps even one other woman where she was a few years ago, it will all be worth it.

But how do you stay so positive and so strong? Izzy tells me ‘Initially I was not this person. I really lost a lot of confidence and really felt my world had stopped and I couldn’t move. The fear of not being a mum was terrifying and consumed my life. I think I just got to a point where I got the bit between my teeth and wasn’t prepared to let it sink me. I changed my perspective and for me that was a big turning point.’

As we get onto the subject of her failed round of IVF, which sadly ended in miscarriage, I ask Izzy what her advice would be for women going through this heart-breaking time. ‘From the moment you get that positive pregnancy test, you become a mum that day. You bond with that baby, you’re looking at your life completely differently and when that’s taken away from you, whatever time that happens, it is devastating for both you and your partner.

I didn’t want to hear that miscarriage was one in four, I was terrified that I’d tempted fate by having IVF and what if I couldn’t carry a baby and I had all these thoughts in my mind. I think you just have to let yourself go through the process and give yourself time to grieve, because it is a grief.’

Crediting her husband, McFly drummer and Strictly Come Dancing winner, Harry Judd, for being her rock throughout the highs and lows of IVF, Izzy spoke about her decision to ask Harry to contribute to the book. We speak about how often men get overlooked in the process of IVF, and how important it was to her to share how much this journey brought them closer together as a couple.

A besotted mother to 18-month-old Lola, Izzy speaks about her recent joy after falling pregnant naturally with her second baby. ‘When I found out I was pregnant I just thought how? How is that so simple after everything. But then I feel Lola almost brought me this miracle.’

Izzy’s book is out now and available to buy on Amazon here. 


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