Top Doctor Embraces Trend Of Older Mothers

by Victoria Joy |

Amid the concerns for women giving birth over the age of 40, one maternity doctor believes the trend is here to stay and shouldn't be judged.

According to a top maternity doctor, Dr David Richmond, the issue of women delaying motherhood isn't going anywhere - because it's based on considered decision-making.

Showing support and understanding for our changing society, he explains that while the medical profession have a duty of care to older mothers and should make them aware of their increased chances of medical problems, he respects their decision.

'Older women becoming mothers is a trend that's here to stay, I believe.

'I think it [the trend] is irreversible because of increasing equality in the social, professional, financial [and] corporate environment we live in. If you put a man in that situation, they would do exactly the same. I completely respect that position.'

'I think it's a conscious decision.'

National statistics show that the average age of motherhood is on the rise, as is that of fatherhood, and that the number of live births in England and Wales to women aged 40 or over has risen from 6,519 in 1982 to nearly 30,000 in 2012.

David continued: 'I would have thought that that message [about the potential risks] is out there. I think those who are delaying their pregnancies are by and large well aware of what's happening. Those who delay, both men and women, are probably well aware of what's happening. I think it's a conscious decision.

'All I can do is say, "Hang on, we're the ones at the receiving end and these are the problems that we then face," and that's a challenge.'

We find Dr Richmond's words refreshing and empowering to women who choose to have their children a little later in life.

Would you consider yourself an 'older mum'? What do you think of David Richmond's quotes?

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