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We’re Pregnant! 12 Genius Ways To Break Your Baby News To Your Partner 

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With so many brilliant ways to share your pregnancy news with your partner, it almost seems a shame to just tell him that you’re pregnant. So, from spelling it out during a game of Scrabble to setting the table for three, get inspired with these reveal ideas.

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Say it in a cookie

Replace the fortune inside a cookie with your own pregnancy message. [Corbis]
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Put a bun in the oven

Has there ever been a better time to make use of this classic phrase? We think not. And it probably doesn’t require an explanation either. [Corbis]
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Let a T-shirt say it for you

There are plenty of pregnancy reveal tops out there that you can bust out at the opportune moment. Or, if you can’t find the perfect one, grab a plain white tee and some fabric pens and make your own. [CafePress]
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Take a photo with a twist

Take a pic of your partner but instead of saying, ‘Say cheese!’, exclaim, ‘Say [insert your name]’s pregnant!’ and take the photo as he registers what your mean. Priceless. [Corbis]
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Write it on your belly

Save yourself the hassle of finding a great slogan T-shirt and write your message on your tiny bump in eyeliner or lipstick. [Alamy]
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Buy a baby book

Give your partner with baby book for dads and watch his surprise as he unwraps it and realises what it is… [Amazon]
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Spell it out in scrabble

If your partner’s a fan of word games, set up the scrabble board to spell out your news and then challenge your partner to a game. When he opens the box he’ll see the message. [Corbis]
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Customise love hearts

Head to and personalise a pack with your pregnancy reveal message of choice. [Corbis]
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Dinner for three

Preferably using baby dishes and cutlery in the third place, just to make it clear… (you're not planning a threesome). [Corbis]
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Write it in icing

If you see yourself as a bit of a baking pro, whip up a batch of cupcakes and use each one to spell out your baby news. [Corbis]
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Make a poster

If you’re a dab hand at Photoshop, this could be the reveal for you. Put together a film poster with a suitable title and a teasing tagline and email it to your partner. Definitely beats junk mail… [Worldwideinterweb]

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