Ashes jewellery to keep them close to you

by Lorna White |

When you lose someone you love, all you want is to feel as close to them as possible while cherishing their memory. Whether you’ve recently suffered the loss of your baby, or maybe a close relative, many people find comfort in wearing their loved ones ashes in a piece of jewellery.

These unique and thoughtful pieces of jewellery are a great way of keeping your loved one close to you at all times, and they can be made in the form of rings, necklaces, bracelets and more.

There are many jewellery manufacturers in the UK who specialise in making these very personal, handmade accessories. All you need to provide is a small sample of the ashes to be used in the jewellery. The ashes can then be customised and turned into something truly personal to you, with the option to choose different colours, designs and sizes.

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Alternatively, if you prefer not to send the ashes away, you could opt for a ‘self-fill’ item, where you can fill the jewellery with a small amount of ashes yourself.

There are a number of online jewellers in the UK who specialise in jewellery to hold ashes. Here are a few beautiful pieces of jewellery to help you find the perfect peice for you.

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Handprint / Footprint ashes locket

If you're not keen on sending the ashes away, this adorable locket might be a good option. You can have it personalised with your baby's little hand or footprint to make it personal to you, and when you've got the locket, you can pop some of the ashes in yourself when you feel ready.

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