5 of the most amazing pregnancy announcements (of all time!)


by Emily Fedorowycz |

So there's a whole range of new and very unique ways of announcing your pregnancy out there – and we’ve rounded up our favourites

Creative ways of announcing that you’re pregnant are definitely trending right now. Forget Instagram pics and Facebook posts – it’s all about the video.

McFly’s Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna were pretty creative when they revealed their news Halloween-style and there are plenty of ways props can make an announcement pretty special. See if you're inspired...

1 The Rap

This couple chose to rap (not their forte) to announce their big news. Inspired by Toyota’s Swagger Wagon, the couple cheekily wrote on the video, ‘We have too much swag for just two of us...’

2 Spelling it out

This super-cute announcement used props to share the baby news – primarily a blackboard. We love the simplicity and the soundtrack.

 3 The face says it all

For perhaps the most heartwarming video, this couple filmed the reactions of their friends and family as they opened a box revealing their news.

4 Baby number 2

There's no need to leave out the older sibling when it comes to announcing your pregnancy news, as this stop-motion, bunting fest shows.

5 Telling granny-to-be

It's the oldest pun when it comes to pregnancy, but this couple used it to the best effect to tell the granny-to-be - then used the video to tell the world. Just watch how they shared their good news with Momma Lee. Was your mum's reaction anyway close to this?

Adorable ways to tell family you’re pregnant

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