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The best sex toys for couples

best sex toys for couples

Sex toys aren’t just for those night’s when you find yourself alone and horny. Incorporating some fun toys into your sex life can really spice up your relationship, especially if this baby-making business is getting a little tiring or if you want to add some life back into the bedroom after having kids. 

Introducing sex toys can be quite intimidating for some couples, and while you might find it fun from the get-go, your partner may take a little time to ease into it. The first thing you should do before investing in sex toys is to discuss the idea with your partner. 

Thanks to the internet, there’s no need to awkwardly enter a sex shop in the local shopping centre in the hope that you don’t run into a work colleague. Sex toys are readily available online, so why not both sit down together for a different kind of online shopping experience, to make sure the toys you’re buying will satisfy both of you. They’ll also turn up in very discreet packaging, so you won’t need to worry about any funny looks from the postie. 

If you’ve decided now is the time to have some fun in the bedroom, we’ve rounded up the best sex toys for couples on the market for you to browse. 


Ideal for both solo and couple use, this gadget provides three vibration modes and seven pulsation modes to intensify sex so it feels great for the both of you. The thinner end sits inside the vagina and the thicker end lies on the clitorous to massage you both at the same time.

With 20 different speed settings, you and your partner can find the perfect rhythm for you with this easily controlled vibrator. It can also be used as a massage tool as well as a wand vibrator, so it might be fun to get your partner used to the sensation with a little pre-sex body massage.

This vibrating cock ring sits at the base of the penis and vibrates to provide you both with hand free pleasure. It lasts up to 20 minutes and can be used all over the body for stimulation everywhere.

Ease yourselves into sex toys with this fun board game. With over 400 seductive ideas and 50 fantasies, it’s a great way of getting used to play in the bedroom and spicing things up a little. 

This vibrator features six different vibration patterns and is designed specifically for improving couples' sex lives. It sits comfortably around the base of the penis, helping to make him bigger, longer, stronger for shared satisfaction.

If you’re looking for something that won’t accidentally start vibrating and can be discreetly kept in your bedside table, this small bag of sex dice can make for an adventorous night in the bedroom. With 36 different erotic actions to perform, including oral sex and anal play, you can really explore your sexual needs.

This sexual foreplay kit comes with four different heads that fit onto a vibrating bullet which can be used as a finger vibrator or even as butt plugs before having penetrative sex. Each waterproof, silicone sleeve is designed to powerfully stimulate for maximum pleasure.

If a sensual massage sounds like your idea of heaven, this set is great for making that massage extra seductive. Made using a blend of sensual essential oils, it also comes with a wooden massage tool to help release any tension.

Both ends of this vibrator work to stimulate the both of you, as your partner can control their speed settings at their end, while you can change yours to suit you, meaning both of you will be satisfied at the speed you like it. It’s great for using both with your partner and on your own, with the ring side sitting around the penis and the longer end used for penetration.

While this gadget may just be used for stimulating women, your partner will love teasing you with the 12 different vibration settings while they have the remote control. This toy can be worn discreetly wherever you are, so why not add some fun into date night and give your partner full control of what’s going on down there.

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