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10 things we learned from celebrity babies and parents

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From Keira to Kate Middleton, it’s baby season on Planet Celeb, with new arrivals and blossoming bumps at every turn. But what have we learned from this A-list baby boom lately?
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Don’t take your toddler to Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian is always comedy gold, bless her, so we couldn’t help but laugh – and say ‘I told you so’ – when her tiny daughter North threw a nuclear tantrum front row at New York Fashion Week.
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Maternity tent-dresses will not cut it at the Oscars

Awards season this year was awash with pregnant celebs couture-clad and dripping in diamonds. Keira Knightley sported a series of Chanel confections and nine months pregnant Isla Fisher turned up in Tory Burch. Guess the stylist forgot to pack the M&S jeggings then… [Photo: Startraks Photo/REX]
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The recession has had a weird effect on baby names

In a challenging economy, we hark back to simpler times. Like the 1930s, if the current crop of celebrity baby names is anything to go by. In recent months we’ve seen Jessica Ennis-Hill name her first baby Reggie, Kimberley Walsh call her son Bobby and Holly Willoughby name her third child Chester. And the number of babies named Eric since the birth of Simon Cowell's baby has risen 314%. We’re starting a campaign to bring back Percy, Joyce, Hubert and Mildred: who’s with us?
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Celebrity mum in ‘really quite normal’ shocker

Fearne Cotton endeared herself to new mums everywhere – her son Rex is just two – when she gave a glimpse into her terrifyingly normal home life on This Morning. Fearne revealed that her cousin is her nanny, the family gets a lot of help, she now prioritises being organised at home over long work hours, she has stepsons who Rex “adores” and since becoming a parent, she cries at the drop of a hat. In this Instagram pic, Fearne shows off Rex's artistic abilities: “I've just let Rex loose on my face with lipstick to make my face funny for money for Comic Relief!”
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Grey hairs are now officially OK

When the 33-year-old Duchess of Cambridge had the gall to turn up to an event seven months pregnant and showing a few grey strands, the media speculated that she must have given up the dye ‘til the baby’s born. Maybe, but we’re hoping she’s setting a new trend. Now if only she could do the same for cellulite… [Photo: Tim Rooke/REX]
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Zooey Deschanel is apparently old enough to procreate

Who knew? Despite making a whole career of playing the kooky, quirky, girl-next-door with dolly hair and ankle socks, professional cutie-pie Deschanel shocked the world by announcing she is expecting her first child. Our favourite Twitter comment? ‘Zooey Deschanel is going to give birth to a cupcake’.
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Harper Beckham retains her title of Cutest Celebrity Tot

It’s in the genes. She showed North West a thing or two about how to behave on the FROW at Fashion Week too. [Photo: Broadimage/REX]
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Simon Cowell is building a dynasty

The music mogul confessed recently that looking after his first baby, Eric – who turned one on Valentine’s Day – has been “fun and much easier than I first thought.” Could baby number two be on the cards? Cowell said he wasn’t “ruling anything out.” Do they make high-waisted stonewash jeans in size Newborn? (Simon shared this pic on Twitter, saying: “Looks familiar?” Yes, Simon, yes he does)
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Kim Kardashian can take a lesson from Dawn O’Porter

Not every star treats the birth of their child as a photo opportunity or chance to make a swift buck. There were no swanky magazine deals when lovely Dawn O’Porter and Chris O’Dowd welcomed their first child, a son named Art, earlier this month. Instead they took to Twitter, one week after his birth, to announce “It’s a boy! (We) think we’ll keep him!” and sharing this fun mash-up photo.
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Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s baby will be the most beautiful thing the world’s ever seen

Watch out, Harper.

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