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Actress Gives Birth On The Street Outside Hospital – On A Burberry Coat!

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In what seems like a dramatic sequence of an episode of Eastenders, pregnant actress Vivian Gray gave birth in the street yesterday.

Mere weeks after we reported that a woman gave birth outside of Primark, Vivian experienced similar circumstances after her labour progressed remarkably quickly.
This time, however, Vivian gave birth on the fittingly named Hollywood Road – and she had a Burberry coat as a makeshift blanket.
The actress, 31, who has starred in US television drama Desire, began walking to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital with her husband Adrian Jayasinha, after her waters broke, in the belief that she would get there quicker on foot than by taxi.

Vivian told the media, ‘After a couple of hours they started getting more frequent and a bit stronger, and I thought I’d time them on my iPhone to see if perhaps I was going into labour.

‘The problem was that I couldn’t quite focus on the timer. That’s when I realised the contractions were already very strong. So I woke up my husband, and unexpectedly my waters broke. I stood there stunned. Then I thought I should put some make-up on so I would look good in the pictures when the baby was born – I was clearly a bit delirious.’

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Her plastic surgeon mother accompanied her before things took a turn for the worse. ‘It was as if my body was doing all the work and I had no power over this pushing sensation,’ she said.

‘Adrian was immobilised, he just froze. Thankfully, my mother was like Sir Walter Raleigh throwing his cloak over a puddle for the Queen, and took off her Burberry coat for me to crouch on, then ran to the hospital for help.

‘The porter must have thought she was some kind of crazy lady because she was a bit frantic,’ she continued.

‘But the hospital was extremely efficient. Within three minutes, two midwives, two assistant midwives and two paramedics were with me with all the equipment and held sheets round me to screen me from view while they delivered the baby.’

Sky was born a healthy 7lb 9oz at 5.51am on 12 June, just half an hour after Miss Gray’s waters broke.
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