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Alec Baldwin's 7-Month-Old Baby Girl Shows Off Pierced Ears

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Warning: you're likely to have an opinion about this celebrity baby picture.

We can already tell this is going to cause a stir, and no, we're not just talking about whether this baby is the cutest in all of Celebville.

Alec Baldwin has peppered his Instagram feed with gorgeous pics of his daughter Carmen since she was born seven months ago, but one of his latest shots is a little different.

The picture shows the super-cute Carmen in her high chair waving her hands in the air (like she just don't care) - and sporting a set of earrings.

In reference to his baby's Spanish heritage, as wife Hilaria comes from Mallorca, Alec captioned the picture: 'Our future Spanish ballroom dancer...'.

Alec and his daughter Carmen play for the camera.

Alec, 55, and Hilaria, 30, live in New York with their baby girl and judging by their social media feeds, are keen to share every step of the family's journey with the rest of the world.

It is an almost tradition in Spain to have little girls' ears pierced while they're still very young, but it is a topic that often causes controversy among parents in other cultures.

Which begs the question... would you have your baby's ears pierced? Or is it a no-no until they're much older. Let us know in our comment box below!


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