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Amanda Holden Fights For Rights Of Miscarriage Sufferers

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TV presenter Amanda is using her status for good following an investigation into NHS miscarriage practices.

Amanda Holden is spearheading a campaign to stop NHS hospitals disposing of miscarried foetuses without informing their devastated parents.
The Britain's Got Talent host, who sadly suffered a miscarriage herself in 2010 before giving birth to a stillborn son in 2011, is supporting the cause after an investigation revealed various NHS trusts incinerate miscarried babies without parental knowledge.

Amanda, 43, feels so passionately about the cause that she agreed to present tonight's Channel 4 Dispatches programme which uncovers the sad practice. Not only does the documentary reveal that many miscarried babies are incinerated along with hospital waste but that mothers often don't feel that they're treated with the care and compassion required after suffering such a tragedy.

'I was shocked at some of the discoveries I made during filming. The mothers I spoke to said that despite the best intentions of individual nurses and doctors, they sometimes felt that hospitals weren’t as compassionate as they should be towards them.'

As a result of the investigation and programme, health minister Dan Poulton has ordered an immediate ban on incinerating miscarried babies, saying, 'This practice is totally unacceptable.'

Amanda added: 'I am absolutely delighted that the government has announced a ban on this practice. The change in policy means an end to the misery and prolonged anguish of many parents across England.'

If you've suffered a miscarriage, click to read our articles on where you can seek support and advice on learning to cope.

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