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Amanda Holden’s Two-Year-Old Daughter is Already ‘Obsessed’ With Make-up

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The Britain’s Got Talent judge’s two-year-old daughter is already ‘obsessed’ with lipstick

Getting your tot to eat breakfast without coco pops ending up on the carpet can be a struggle, but Amanda Holden has an unusual way of getting daughter Hollie to behave in the morning.

The 43 year old mum of two lets her toddler wear lipstick to encourage her to eat her breakfast.

‘Hollie is obsessed with lipstick,’ she says. ‘She won’t do anything before she has her lippy on. But it means she eats her breakfast.’

Amanda also revealed that her other daughter Lexi, seven, can’t recognise her without make up.

‘Lexi once said to me “Mummy you need to put make up on, I couldn’t recognise you” and I thought “God you sound like Simon Cowell now, this is not good”,’ she says.

The BGT judge also confessed that she can’t stand the gym and even lies about doing exercise – we’ve all been there!

‘I keep saying to everyone “Oh I’ve done some yoga and some running” but I’ve not really done that. If it’s raining and I’ve had my hair blow-dried, I do not go for a run. I watch Lorraine and eat Weetabix like everybody else. I hate the gym,’ she admits.

Would you ever let your toddler wear your make-up? Do you have any other tricks to convince your tot to behave in the morning?


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