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Amanda Holden says “Motherhood has changed me”

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Amanda Holden says “Motherhood has changed me”

The Britain’s Got Talent star and Text Santa presenter shares the secrets of her family Christmas with daughters Lexie, 9, Hollie, 3, and husband Chris Hughes… and shockingly, reveals that she’s already finished all her pre-Christmas prep!

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My daughters are the best of friends, which is heartbreakingly sweet. They celebrate their birthdays three days apart and will be four and 10 in January. Every weekend they play games together and Lexie gives Holly makeovers: she has about four outfit changes a day! They’ve got loads of dressing-up clothes and nine times out of ten they’ll come downstairs wearing pillowcases reinvented as dresses or something. At the moment, Lexie is an absolute dream older sister. As she gets older I’m sure that might change but for now, Hollie thinks the world of her.

She even turns forks into people and makes up a game.

Hollie is so imaginative and finds play in everything. She even turns forks into people and makes up a game. She’s really happy playing on her own and loves it when I play with her. This week she’s going to be Mary in her Nativity play at nursery and I’m so excited to see it.

She may not yet be four but Hollie is a confident child and I think it comes from having an older sister. Lexie was shy when she was Hollie’s age – and still is to an extent but her confidence is building as she grows up. Having Lexie around to guide and help her made Hollie feel protected and that naturally made her more confident.

My favourite moments with them are bathtime and storytime, and we laugh a lot together. I enjoy mealtimes because we try not to have telly on so we can talk as a family and catch up on the day. Even travelling in the car, it’s fun to try and squeeze information out of them about nursery and school. Any times when they have to be focused on just us and chatting, those times are the most precious.

Motherhood has changed me. It’s turned out to be all I thought it would be and more

Motherhood has changed me. It’s turned out to be all I thought it would be and more. It opens you up as a person, because you’re more vulnerable. As much as I like to think that I was empathetic to the world’s problems before I had children, more than ever now I’m aware that this is the world my children live in. These days I never think ‘oh, that’s happening in another country, it’s nothing to do with us’: I have more understanding and empathy because I’m a mother.

I’ve finished organising for Christmas already! I’m all done! 

I’ve finished organising for Christmas already! I’m all done! Christmas cards are posted, presents are bought and the tree is up. The girls are writing their letters to Santa this week. We’re having a fake Christmas with my family early this year because on the day itself we’re going to have dinner in a restaurant with friends so I don’t have to cook. Usually I prepare a massive dinner but I’m really busy in the run-up to Christmas so I really wanted to just enjoy time with the kids on the day and not stress out like normal!

Every single member of the family, including the cat, has a Christmas stocking

Every single member of the family, including the cat, has a Christmas stocking. We have a lot of family traditions. We leave glitter on the lawn so the reindeers can see where to land and which house has got magic in it. We do all the traditional things but for me it’s the whole build-up to Christmas that matters. I like it when the radio stations start playing festive songs and I love the Christmas ads from all the big names. Christmas Day can often be a bit of a flop so the build-up is the best thing about it!

The New Year means more Britain’s Got Talent for me. The auditions around the country start again in mid-January. We’re on the road for about a month but we come back and forth so I can see the family and be at home. I’m never away from the kids for more than 48 hours. Next year is the show’s 10th anniversary and I’ve been with it from the start so we’ll have a few surprises and celebrations in store. I’m so grateful to have such a fun job: I laugh all day with three great people (fellow judges Simon Cowell, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon), in great hair and makeup and a beautiful dress. It’s been heaven on a stick for ten years! And it’s so nice to have something fun to look forward to when you feel flat after Christmas.

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Watch Amanda behind the scenes below: 

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