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‘As A Woman You Make The Choice And I Chose To Be At Home’: Thandie Newton On Her Three Home Births

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The British actress talks about why she opted to give birth to all three of her children at home

In a stark comparison to the famous mums who book out an entire maternity wing for their deliveries, celeb mum Thandie Newton has revealed that she opted to have all three of her children at home - with just one midwife on hand. 

And she discloses that her youngest child Booker, who was born in March, made his grand entrance on the bathroom floor.
The Crash actress told the Today show hosts that having her children at home felt ‘normal’ to her – mainly because she isn’t a fan of hospitals.

There was a time when everybody had their babies at home and it wasn’t such a big deal

Thandie, who’s also mum to daughters Ripley and Nico, says that she ‘associated hospital with being ill’ and felt ‘beautiful and healthy and wonderful when I was pregnant, and being at home is the place I felt most relaxed and comfortable.

‘So for me, it feels normal, but there was a time when everybody had their babies at home and it wasn’t such a big deal.’

Thandie, 41, used the same midwife for all three of her births – despite their age differences. The star’s oldest, Ripley, is 13 and Nico is nine while her newest arrival is just 11 weeks old – which has left the two girls feeling rather maternal over their baby brother. ‘I think he thinks he’s got three mummies,’ joked Thandie.

The Mission:Impossible II actress announced her son’s arrival on Twitter and later posted a candid photo of herself and baby Booker.

If you’ve had a home birth, how did you find it? Let us know about your experience in the comments box below.

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