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‘Babies Are Boring!’: Katie Hopkins On Kate And Wills’ Holiday Plans

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In her latest take down, Katie Hopkins has aimed her poison pen at Prince William and Kate Middleton – see if you agree with her

Katie Hopkins has spoken out about her views on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s holiday. The royal couple, who are currently in the Maldives enjoying a second honeymoon, decided to leave their son Prince George with Kate’s mum.

Some mums might think a holiday’s not a holiday without your baby – but Katie Hopkins is not one of them.

The former Apprentice contestant is ‘with Kate on this one’ and agrees with Kate and Wills’ decision to leave George. ‘After all this time cooped up like the snow princess Elsa in her own icy kingdom, she needs to hit some sunshine and thaw out,’ Katie writes in her Yahoo! column this week.

Some mums might think a holiday’s not a holiday without your baby – but Katie Hopkins is not one of them

‘To go on holiday, Kate has left her baby with her mum – just like thousands of working women do every day,’ she continues. ‘Kate and Wills need time on their own just being a couple to remember what life was like before baby George. Most parents know that only by holding on to the good bits and fighting like hell for time alone together can you retain any sense of the couple you used to be. I believe you need to be a couple first, parents second.

‘I hope Kate and Wills make the most of their time alone together, for the world’s most famous couple privacy must be the biggest luxury of all. George will be perfectly happy at home with Grandma. Bitter mums can button it and butt out.’

But, while Katie seems to approve of Kate, she isn’t a fan of Wills. ‘He hung around long enough to take some happy family snaps, dashed off to study at Cambridge and went hunting boars with his brother. No one has questioned his commitment as a father,’ she says. 

Katie Hopkins has made some pretty outrageous comments in recent months, particularly passing judgement on other parents. Check out her top 10 most famous mum sneers that have got you all talking.

Do you agree with Katie? Is it OK to leave your baby with a relative while you enjoy some ‘me’ time? Let us know in the comments box below.


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