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The new Pampers product Binky Felstead can't get enough of

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Binky Felstead is forever sharing snaps of her little daughter India, her gorgeous In The Style collection and glimpses of her surprisingly normal family life to her 1.4 million followers.

Now, rather excitingly, the former-Made In Chelsea has revealed she's partnered up with Pampers to share their latest product... and mums-to-be, you'll love it!


Yep, Pampers have introduced adorable Pregnancy Milestones cards, meaning all you expecting mums can document your journey from bump to baby. 

The 28-year-old gushed to her fans, "It feels like a lifetime ago I was pregnant with India, but how I wish I’d documented that time to better remember it! @Pampersuk_ire have created these adorable Pregnancy Milestone cards featuring the same characters that you’ll find on the Premium Protection nappies."

Binky continued: "So all you pregnant Mumma’s can make memories of all the special moments. To be in with a chance of getting your hands on a set, simply register to the Pampers website before the end of the month. They’re too cute to miss! #ad."

The cards feature adorable hand-drawn woodland characters, including Mr Bear and friends Owl, Rabbit, Fox and Otter. These cuties also appear on the new nappy designs so when baby arrives, they will help inspire charming stories and play, at change time. 

Binky recently made the headlines for sharing her postpartum body transformation in an incredible before and after photo collage. 


POSTNATAL BODIES Exercise has played a big part in my postnatal recovery - not just the physical side, but also the mental side, as getting into the gym massively helps me in terms of boosting my energy, managing my anxiety and generally letting off some steam. But let’s be real for a minute - because it doesn’t happen overnight. The pic on the left is me eight weeks after giving birth, when I first stepped back into the gym for some GENTLE exercise. I’m swollen and puffy, but that’s normal guys! Let’s start being a bit real and honest about what our bodies look like after a baby. And let me just add, i wasn’t in the gym to lose weight. It was me time, and i was following a postnatal ‘recovery’ programme. And i want to point out that the workouts I do now with Ty, and you see me post on Instagram are not the workouts i did in the first few months after giving birth...i took it slow, listened to my body, worked with @bethefittest who is qualified in postnatal exercise, and had a check up with @clarebournephysio at @sixphysio to make sure my body (and my pelvic floor in particular) was ready for the type of workouts we had planned. My workouts were designed to strengthen my pelvic floor and help my core become functional again, and to support my pelvis and knees and other joints that had weakened during pregnancy and labour. All new mummies should know WHY they’re doing the workouts they’re given by a trainer, or in a postnatal specific class! And i know I’ve been lucky, as compared to a lot of women, my recovery has been relatively easy - but even if things feel or look like it’s all ok, it’s still important to take care of your body and give it time to do it’s thing and heal. And that’s why we set up the @mummytribe retreats. There’s way too much pressure for women to bounce back, look great and get on with normal life ASAP after a baby, especially with all the pictures we see across Instagram and the media of mums who seem to have done just that - often in a matter of weeks. But if we just go hell for leather in the gym with workouts that our bodies aren’t ready for, we just end up totally depleted. (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS)

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Praise flooded in after the mum encouraged regular exercise for improving your mental health.

Speaking to Hello! about her fitness routine, Binks explained, ' "I go to the gym with my trainer. There's a crèche there, so that's really good. I feel much better after having a session in the morning – it sets me up for the day – and I go most days if I can. Having a baby is extra incentive. I feel like I lost my identity when I had a baby and it got to me in the end. It wasn’t anything serious – I didn't have postnatal depression or anything – but my friends haven't had babies and were looking amazing. Social media is so annoying in that sense. "But I did it for myself. I feel so much better when I've been to the gym. I suffer from anxiety so, if I haven't been, it doesn't make me feel good. If I go, I feel amazing."

To be in with a chance to win a limited-edition pack of Pampers’ Pregnancy Milestone Cards, simply register to the Pampers website at 

Once registered you will have access to exclusive savings on family-friendly products, Pampers club points and weekly emails to follow your baby’s development.

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