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Blake Lively says motherhood is “awesome and exhausting” (we agree!)

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TV and film star Blake talks about motherhood and says she loves her post-baby body

Blake Lively, who is married to film star Ryan Reynolds and is mum to four-month-old daughter James, has said that her new mum body is “awesome”. 

The Gossip Girl star quipped that, for her, the most "significant change" since giving birth to three-month-old daughter James is the size of her breasts.

She said: “My boobs are pretty huge and awesome. That’s probably the most thing significant change about being a mom.”

And Blake also admitted filming while pregnant had left her feeling even more nauseous.

She added to Us Weekly magazine: “I was just kind of nauseous the whole time! My thoughts were, ‘Dear God, I can’t believe I have to do this stunt today.’ Crashing into a pond and I’m crawling up. That was tough!”

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old actress also opened up about having a newborn baby, calling it the most “awesome but exhausting” time.

She added to People magazine: “It’s awesome and exhausting. It’s everything that everyone always says. I want to say something different than anyone else, but there’s a reason everyone says the same things. It’s going good.”

Meanwhile, Blake’s husband Ryan recently admitted he’d like their child to lead a normal life away from the spotlight.

He said: “You worry about really stupid stuff. And you sort of sit there and go, ‘Oh gosh, is she gonna wanna do this?’ I like to whisper in her ear, like, really normal everyday jobs - ‘You’re going to be a flight attendant... A barista... Just normal wonderful jobs. You can have a nice normal life.’”

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