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Blue Ivy Makes Cameo in Beyonce’s New Music Video

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The toddler can be seen in the video for a song on her mum’s new album

Singer Beyoncé has given her daughter Blue Ivy, nearly two, a starring role in the music video for a song on her new surprise album Beyoncé, which was released this morning on iTunes.

The track, in which the toddler also chatters and giggles, is called Blue. A video clip shows Bey, 32, strolling away from the camera along a sandy path (thought to be in Rio de Janeiro) with her little girl in her arms.

This isn’t the first time the superstar has paid tribute to her daughter on a track – she released God Made You Beautiful alongside her documentary Life Is But A Dream earlier this year.

Meanwhile rapper husband Jay-Z unveiled the song Glory about the couple’s child, which features Blue Ivy crying at the end.

Beyoncé is nearing the end of her 2013 world tour, which Blue Ivy has accompanied her on, of course.

At a press conference in Brazil, Beyoncé said, 'I think it's something women always struggle with because it's so difficult having a career and being a mother, but when I'm able to travel to places like Brazil it makes me so proud that she's able to experience these different cultures and meet all these amazing people and eat all this amazing food at such a young age. So it makes me really proud of my job.’

What’s your toddler’s favourite song? Let us know below.

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