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What’s In Her Mama Bag… Cerys Matthews

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Musical legend Cerys Matthews talks us through the fabulously diverse contents of her handbag

Hi, my names Cerys Matthews and I’m going to show you what’s in my bag. I’m not sure exactly what I’ve got in it - but it’s usually too much!


I always carry chillies with me and hope the little ones don’t get hold of them -they know what they are, they know to leave them well alone. They just make a meal a lot more fun, not for the baby, but for me.


They’re great if you want to buy some time in a restaurant and the little ones are getting bored, shifty and need attention… get yourself some sparklers- mini sparklers for cake- a lighter, that will buy yourself at least two minutes.


I always seem to end up with shells in there for no reason at all.


This is a good one, a marker pen. I used to travel with my toddlers long haul so it would be 24 hours form one door to the other and that was exhausting, when they were 15 months apart. Instead of carrying tons of toys with you, you’d got your own little puppets . So you can sit there and buy more time. When you're stuck at an airport, you’ve already been on a plane for four hours and the children are starving, dirty, tired  an airport is a dangerous place to lose your toddler.

If you’re a regular traveller and you have to travel alone with your children, to find an empty gate, throw down your blanket, spill out various things like shells and light toys. Let them play, and they attract other children. Then find the parents are in the same situations as you and all of sudden you’ve got a crèche! So you sit down then at that point then maybe... maybe you can read.

The best thing about this crèche idea is that other parents then – you can share food or if one of you needs to go to the loo and you don’t want to take them all with you … and so forth.

Wet wipes

You have to have wet wipes, and once you start using wet wipes, even if you’ve got no children you’ll continue to use wet wipes because they are always handy.


A nappy, a spare nappy and spare clothes always works because my children threw up all the time which is why I did my black for two years… so that’s it, hope that was kind of interesting for you and see you again. Bon Voyage.


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