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Ah, the godparent: the up-keeper of moral and family values. There to set an example to our children and keep an ever-watchful eye over them. What would we do without them? Whilst our choices are considerably more conservative, (from school friends to aunts and uncles), the celeb-sphere can’t help but push the boat out when it comes to naming their children’s godparents. From Lady Gaga to Victoria Beckham, this bunch of celebs aren’t your average godparents…
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1) Harper Seven

With one of the most famous couples in the world as her parents, only someone with as much glam and style could fit the bill as godparent…[REX]
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2) Eva Longoria

It could only be Eva Longoria, the Desperate Housewives star who embodies everything Hollywood! Longoria said in an interview that she intends to be a ‘great’ influence on Harper, adding that she was ‘absolutely thrilled’ when asked. [REX]
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3) Sam Bailey’s Baby

Given their close relationship during the X-factor, the singer turned not only to a mentor but a good friend…[REX]
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4) Sharon Osbourne

As a Hollywood veteran, Sharon Osborne will be certain to show Sam’s little baby the showbiz ropes. When asked to be godmother, Sharon tweeted, ‘@SamBaileyREAL I would be honoured to be your baby's Godmother!’ Lets just hope Sharon doesn’t lead by her husband’s example… [REX]
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5) Zachary and Elijah John

As a man of showbiz and extravagance, Elton John would only settle for one similar, like-minded individual… [REX]
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6) Lady Gaga

Why who no better than lady Gaga to be godparent to Elton John’s two kids? Her eccentricity, bizarre fashion sense and general panache makes her the perfect godmother to Zachary and Elijah. [REX]
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7) James Knight Newman

Jamie King's little boy has been lucky enough to have been blessed with a leading Hollywood actress as a godmother, famous for her stunning looks and roles in blockbuster films such as Sin City and Fantastic Four… Guesses anyone? [REX]
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8) Jessica Alba

Jealous? We know we are! She’s got the looks, the fashion and a prolific career to guarantee little James the best of starts in life. King wrote on Instagram, ‘So grateful for our baby #JamesKnight to have such loving Godparents. Thank you for being there for us and the love of our lives.’ [Instagram jamie_king]
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9) Vivienne and Knox Jolie-Pitt

This world famous couple have certainly found what they’re looking for with this famous Irish bandman…. [REX]
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10) Bono

Given his extensive humanitarian work (something to satify Angelina) and close relationship to the couple, Bono was chosen as godfather to twins Vivienne and Knox. [REX]
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11) Apple

Instead of opting for a classic American star, this couple went against the grain (typical Gwyneth) in choosing a quintessential British actor renowned for his comedies with Nick Frost. [Corbis]
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12) Simon Pegg

Yep, you guessed it! Simon Pegg was granted the honorable title of godfather to young Apple. On being godfather, Pegg remarked, ‘I’d like to think I’m a really great, fun godfather. It’s much more interesting than trying to be a good influence on her. I’m a comedian – it’s what they expect.’ [REX]
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13) Prince George

Without a doubt, Prince George is the ultimate godchild. The regal Couple shunned tradition – they were expected to choose European Royals as godparents – but instead opted for a close horse-riding relative…
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14) Zara Tindell

As a good friend to the couple, Zara Tindell was picked as one of the many godparents to little George. Zara was picked amongst six others including old school and university friends such as Oliver Baker. [Corbis]
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15) Coco

Courteney Cox was hardly short of ‘friends’ (too obvious?) when it came to nominating a godparent for her child Coco… [REX]
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16) Jennifer Anniston

Long-time pal and Friends co-star Jen was naturally granted the title of godmother. Anniston says, ‘Coco calls me Nuna. I see her almost every weekend and she's really turning into such a lovely little girl. She's sweet, funny, and creative and we just sit there in awe of her.’ [REX]
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17) Bluebell

Gerri Halliwell actually fell out with Bluebell’s godmother following this Spice Girl’s refusal to consider a reunion tour…Any guesses as to who? [REX]
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18) Victoria Beckham

Obviously. Despite falling out with Geri, Posh Spice was still chosen as Bluebell’s godmother alongside fellow Spice Girl, Emma Bunton. As the song goes, ‘make it last forever, friendship never ends’… [REX]

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