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Check Out Prince George’s First Year In Numbers!

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Ever since Prince George was born on July 22nd 2013, the world’s eyes have been firmly glued upon the royal tot.

Dubbed ‘Gorgeous George’, the little prince has already gained plaudits from the fashion world, melted the hearts of millions with his cheeky persona and even – bizarrely – been included in People Magazine’s 101 Hottest Bachelors list.
To celebrate his first birthday, baby gift retailer has produced an infographic taking a look at the royal prince’s incredible first year.

As well as looking at the key moments in the young Princes life, it also looks at how much milk he’s consumed, how many miles he’s shuffled, crawled and walked and even how many nappies he has got through.

Based on UK averages, the infographic reveals that by the time Prince George turns one on July 22, he will have drunk 2,901 litres of milk, been burped 4,092 times and worked his way through a whopping 2,735 nappies.

The royal tot has managed to shuffle, crawl and walk more than 30 miles and spent a total of 232.2 of his 365 days, two thirds of his life, sleeping.

But that's where George's similarity with every other one year old ends, as the infographic proves...

On the day he was born, Twitter was abuzz with more than 25,000 tweets every minute about his birth. Not to mention his star power when it comes to promoting baby accessories, outfits and even destinations, as seen by the tourism boost in Australia and New Zealand following his recent tour Down Under.

Are you celebrating your baby's first birthday this month? Let us know how you plan to celebrate below.

Prince George infographic

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