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Coleen Rooney Reveals Her Son Has Slept In Her Bed – Until Now

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Any parent who struggles to get their child to sleep the whole night in their own room will know how happy Coleen Rooney must be now that her son is sleeping alone

Coleen Rooney has (happily) tweeted that her four-year-old son Kai spent his first night on his own this week.

The mum of two, 27, has revealed that she’s found it tricky to get Kai to sleep in his own bed for the whole night – that 3am sneaking in is something that we’re sure lots of mums can relate to.

But Coleen putting together a ‘big boy bedroom’ for her first born seems to have done the trick.

Coleen tweeted her news to a friend, saying, ‘Yay!! Kai slept all night in his own bed, without sneaking in to me! Think his big boy bedroom is going to work fingers crossed.’

Coleen and footballer husband Wayne, 28, also have son, Klay, who’s six months old. We wonder if the couple will try different bedtime tactics this time round to avoid having to share their bed for another four years? 

If you’re struggling to get your toddler to sleep in his own bed for the whole night, click here to read our tips on reclaiming your sleep, personal space and sex life.

Do you sleep in the same bed as your toddler? Let us know below.

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