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Congrats! Plan B Reveals He’s A Dad

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Plan B has revealed he is a father, after his long-term girlfriend secretly gave birth to a daughter last year.

There was definitely something in the water in the celeb world last year. The latest baby news comes from rapper Plan B, who has revealed that he’s a father. 

Talking to The Sun on Sunday, the rapper said, ‘My girlfriend and I had a baby girl last year.’

‘Mother and daughter are both fit and well and I'm a proud and happy father – especially after having just enjoyed our first Christmas together.’

According to the newspaper, the pregnancy was not planned but was very welcome news for the couple.

A source said, ‘It was a surprise to both of them when Ben's girlfriend discovered she was pregnant but Ben is over the moon at becoming a father. They've been dating for a couple of years and having a baby has brought them even closer.

'Ben may have a bad-boy image but he makes a great dad and is happy to get stuck in. He is even getting good at changing nappies.’

It seems that Plan B is even getting his baby’s opinion on his tracks.

The source continued, ‘He has been playing some of his tracks to see if she likes them.  But he's joked with friends that becoming a dad hasn't turned his music soft and he's definitely planning another no-holds-barred record.’

How did your partner cope with becoming a dad for the first time?  Let us know in the comment box below…

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