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Could This Be Prince George’s First Word?

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Australia yesterday, and were spotted taking a tour of the Sydney Opera house

The royal tour Down Under continued yesterday with the arrival of Prince William, Kate and Prince George in Australia, where they’ll be staying for 10 days.

Much like their arrival in New Zealand, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first appearance was at the airport, with Kate, dressed in a bright yellow Roksanda Ilinci dress, making her way down from the steps of the plane with George perched on her hip.

They then headed to the Sydney Opera House for a reception, where Prince William made a speech thanking people for inviting them and revealing how he thinks the tour will have an effect on Prince George.

‘I don't think I could finish these brief words to you without mentioning one other family member, George, who is now busy forging his own link with Australia.

‘Catherine and I were very grateful for the many kind messages and gifts from across the country that we received when George was born.

‘I suspect George's first word might be “Bilby” – only because “Koala” is harder to say. We really look forward to our time here together as a family.’

A bilby is type of marsupial that’s native to Australia and looks like a cross between a large mouse and a rabbit. It’s an endangered species and to raise public awareness, a campaign was launched to replace the Easter bunny with the bilby.

When Prince George was born, the Australian government made a donation to Taronga Zoo, to support their bilby conservation programme and a bilby was ‘adopted’ on behalf of Prince George by William and Kate. It’s possible that George’s next public engagement will be at the zoo, so he may get to meet his adopted bilby.

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