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Courteney Cox Says Daughter Was ‘Nervous’ About Becoming A Big Sister

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Life is about to change for Coco Cox-Arquette, but her mum Courteney says they’re trying their best to prepare her for the new arrival.

It’s always going to be a big life shift when a new baby arrives in the family.  And Courteney Cox and David Arquette’s daughter Coco has been feeling nervous for her upcoming role as a big sister.

But according to her mum, once the initial shock that Arquette was expecting a baby boy with girlfriend Christina McLarty wore off, the nine year old’s feelings turned to total excitement at the prospect of having a little brother.

Despite their split in 2010, both Cox and Arquette have taken a united stand when it comes to their daughter, Coco, and little has changed in the family unit.

Speaking to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday, the Friends actress said, ‘We actually all had dinner the other night. The whole family. It’s a very unique relationship.

‘All of us, like literally, me and Christina and David and Coco — it’s great.’

The 49-year-old Cougar Town star went onto say, ‘At first was nervous because it's a big deal.  At first, I was nervous! I was like, “Woo, heavy.” Now it's great.’

Courtney suggests taking some special mother-daughter time aside to help Coco adjust.  Speaking about her spa day and ‘romantic’ dinner for two with her daughter, she said, ‘It’s almost like she’s a little bit of a tick — she is on me! She doesn’t want changes in my life.

‘So I went on this mother-daughter day with her and I took her to the spa.’

‘We sat there, we held hands, we talked.  The next morning we woke up and she’s like, “Mum, did that really count as mother-daughter day?”’

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