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VIDEO! Danielle O’Hara: ‘Jamie Is An Amazing Dad’

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Danielle O’Hara opens up about family life at the Mother&Baby Big Heart Awards

Despite recent rumours that Danielle and footballer hubby Jamie O’Hara are on the rocks since she was seen holidaying alone in Cape Verde last week, the proud mum assured Mother&Baby at our Big Heart Awards in association with MegaBloks that Jamie has always been supportive and is amazing with their kids.   

Inspired by our Fantastic Father award and talking about her experience of premature birth with second son Harry, the Splash! Star said, ‘ was really good actually. It was obviously a really tough time on both of us but he was probably being stronger than me to keep me going.

‘It was a really scary experience but we’ve both come through it and Harry’s here today.'

Danielle says her support network starts at home: ‘ is going to be a tough time but as long as you’ve got your family and your friends round you you’ll get through it.’

Danielle with Jenny Frost, Against All Odds Baby, Noah and family.

And when it comes to being a working mum, Danielle says, ‘I’ve got a really good balance at the moment – Jamie’s at home a lot of the afternoons so it gives me the opportunity to do my work as well.’

With three boys on her hands, would she do a Victoria Beckham and have a daughter after three boys?  ‘No way!’ said Danielle. ‘I did used to want four babies but no, after three definitely no more, it’s hard work.

‘I don’t even know if I’d know what to do with a girl now so I’ll just stick at my three boys, that’s fine.’

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It appears Danielle's two older boys are helping her out since the birth of baby George in August – George is a little brother to three-year-old Harry and Archie, five. 

The 30-year-old former model said, ‘The boys really love George and Archie’s a bit older now so he’s actually been helping out quite a bit so it’s really nice.

‘He’s really good like he gives him his bottles and wants to hold him – Harry just keeps nicking his dummy off him.’

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