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David Beckham Reveals His Take On Screen Time At The Kids' Choice Sports Awards

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Having lived a life of sporting discipline, David Beckham has revealed that he and Victoria are pretty strict with the kids when it comes to screen time

Goldenballs confessed that although his three sons – Brooklyn, 15, Romeo, 11, and Cruz, 9 – do play sports-themed video games, he and Victoria limit the amount of time spent in front of the TV.

‘We put a limit on it. You have to,’ Beckham told PEOPLE at the inaugural Kids’ Choice Sports Awards in Los Angeles, where he received the Legend Award and was covered in golden-coloured slime (as traditional for the awards).

‘No more than an hour,’ he says. ‘I know that sounds pretty harsh, but I want my boys to be outside playing.’

As expected from the world-famous footballer, Beckham is keen to encourage his children’s involvement in real-life sports.

‘It’s so important to me that they’re involved in sports – for disciple and health,’ says Becks, who identified each of his three sons’ sporting strong points.

‘ is pretty skillful. My middle one, Romeo, is the quick one; he’s super fast. The small one, , is the tough one, of course — being the smallest boy.’

Beyond the football pitch, Beckham revealed that alongside playing video games the boys enjoy watching animated films, including Madagascar and Planes.

As for the couple’s youngest child, Harper, her tastes lay outside of football and video-games. Like any other three-year old, Harper is obsessed with Frozen. Who’d have guessed it?

Beckham says, ‘She just had her third birthday party and it was Frozen-themed. My little girl is the biggest Frozen fan ever.’ It’s nice to know that behind all the footballs and fame, Beckham and his kids are just like the rest of us.

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