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Elton John Thinks He's Become A Baby Bore

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The singer once known for wild parties and piano ballads says that he and partner David Furnish have swapped late night debauchery for handmade Christmas cards.

Once upon a time, Elton John said he was too selfish to have and look after children. Now, not only does the man have two, but he can’t stop talking about them.

While we’re all prone to an element of infatuation with our little ones, when John appeared on NBC’s Today show on Tuesday evening, he revealed that he and partner David Furnish have become ‘baby bores’ when it comes to their sons Elijah and Zachary.

‘I used to say to people “Oh God” when they sent pictures of their kids at Christmas. What do we do now? We send pictures of our kids at Christmas. We’re the biggest hypocrites of life.’

John’s partner, David Furnish, who he is due to marry in May added that having children is ‘the closest we get to a 9 to 5… a real routine.’

So what do you think? Do your friends think you’re a baby bore now you’ve got kids? Or are they the boring ones not letting you talk about them? Let us know in the comments box.

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