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Erm, Has Kim Kardashian Forgotten Something?

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We’ve all been there… Somewhere along the line as a mum, you’ll forget to pick up your baby from nursery or get in the car only to remember your little one is still inside the house.

Leaving Le Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris, en route to the airport, a very glamorous Kim stalked out in a holey pink outfit to the car, stopped, pivoted and walked back inside – this time returning with North West in her arms.

Unfortunately for the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, it was all caught on camera. Awkward.

Or not. Kim Kardashian has hit back at accusations she forgot North West on Twitter, saying, 'Heard on the radio today some story I forgot my daughter at our hotel as I'm leaving for the airport. Are you kidding me?!?!?! LOL

'I went to the car to make sure we had the car seat in because the day before there was a car seat issue.

'Do you guys really think a 1 year old would be inside the lobby by herself! Oh wait she was waiting to check out lol'



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