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Exclusive! ‘I’d Be Happy With One More Child’: Peter Andre Talks To M&B

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Admitting that he can talk for England, the singer and TV star opens up about life with a newborn and adding to the family brood.

If there's one thing we know about Peter Andre, it's that he loves nothing more than to gush about his children. And it seems the down-to-earth singer and TV personality isn’t about to stop putting his kids first. 

Talking to M&B’s Jenny, Pete said ‘Someone once asked me “What makes a good dad?” and I said well it's not what makes a good dad, it's what makes a good parent - simple.’

And the doting dad-of-four’s parenting advice was simple too, saying, ‘You put your kids first - if you put them first, you’re a good parent.  And there’s no set rule for how you bring up your children but if they’re your first priority, you’re being a good parent.’

And despite being a working dad, Pete still manages to keep a perfect work/life balance. ‘I feel lucky that I get to – I love that I get to go home and see because they bring me so much joy,’ he gushed.  ‘And then I can still get up and go to work, and really everything I’m doing is to provide for the family.’

Admitting settling on a name for their newborn was difficult, the two times Father Of The Year said, ‘We threw so many names out there and it kept going backwards and forwards and then we got it down to Amelia and Isabella.’

‘And then we asked the kids - Junior said Isabella, but my Bista, (that’s Princess’s nickname) who I thought was really important in the decision-making process, said Amelia and she's been absolutely obsessed with her ever since.’

41-year-old Pete and his 24-year-old fiancé Emily MacDonagh welcomed baby Amelia into their family back in January and the proud parents seem to be relishing their roles.  Talking about Emily settling into her new role, Pete said, ‘She really is a brilliant mother - I watch her and I just go wow, she’s a natural.’

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‘But it’s not such a surprise because she’s been in wards delivering babies and her mother’s a pediatrician so she’s had to do a lot of that as part of her training so that’s probably why she knows so much already.’

And Peter Andre also revealed to M&B that he already wants another baby with fiancée Emily MacDonagh.  ‘I’d be happy with one more,’ the fantastic father said.  ‘I’d love a boy next – I wanted a boy this time but now that I’ve got a girl she’s just everything so it doesn’t matter what you want because when they’re there it’s great isn’t it?’

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