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Exclusive! ‘I Never Thought I’d Be Good With Babies’: New Mum Laura Hamilton Talks To Mother&Baby

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The TV presenter and The Jump contender talks new motherhood, exercise and working mum guilt with Mother&Baby

It’d take a lot to get us in Lycra and up a mountain not long after having a baby, but that’s just what TV presenter Laura Hamilton did when she strapped on her skis for Channel 4’s The Jump earlier this year.

The new mum joined M&B for a photoshoot with super-cute son Rocco, then four months, who flew out to Austria with her for the show. She reveals what the challenge meant to her – and how she’s finding motherhood so far.

It was weird being so tired in my first trimester. I’m someone who’s always running around, so I’d tell my husband Alex that I was going to have a nap and he was like “What?!” . I very much carried on with my everyday life though and filmed A Place In The Sun, then it’d be lovely to stop in the evening and feel Rocco moving. He seemed to be more active when I was still.

I never thought I’d be particularly good with babies. It’s bizarre because I’ve always loved children and was a kids’ TV presenter, but I guess I just didn’t know how I’d be as a mum. I’d say to friends “God, how do you know when to change a nappy? How do you know when he needs a feed?” And they’d tell me about a mother’s instinct and how you just know.

Going on The Jump with a newborn baby was a huge challenge. But look at what Davina did for Sport Relief and she’s a mum, too. Women like her are so inspiring. Me doing The Jump wasn’t as much as what she did, but it was still a big achievement and hopefully I could be a bit of an inspiration by doing it.

When it comes to exercise, I love skipping. It’s how I got in shape for my wedding and a skipping rope’s light so I can fit it in my suitcase while I’m away filming. Alex and I also go for walks with Rocco and take him swimming – he really enjoys the water.

Work-wise, every parents needs to do what’s right for their family. I have to work because we’ve got things to pay for but also because it’s part of who I am. Being a mum shouldn’t take away from the fact that I’m still Laura and still a TV presenter. I think it makes me a better mum to Rocco because I’m happy. But whatever route you go down – work or staying at home – you shouldn’t be made to feel guilty.

Read the full interview with Laura where she opens up about social media insults and nappy explosions in the new M&B, out now.

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