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Exclusive! Imogen Thomas Opens Up To Mother&Baby: ‘It Used To Be All About Me, Now It’s All About Her’

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We caught up with the former model and reality star to talk exclusively about her new baby range and how becoming a mum has really changed her.

Becoming a parent is a life-changing experience – it opens your eyes to the world in a whole new way and former model and reality star Imogen Thomas, mum to Ariana Siena, is no exception.

Talking exclusively to Jennifer Read-Dominguez from Mother&Baby, Imogen says, ‘Being a full time mum is my job now and my priorities have changed massively.  I know a lot of people would never admit to it but I used to crave but I don’t crave it anymore – everything just changes when you become a mum.'

But Imogen insists she doesn’t want to just be seen as a full time mum – she has managed to reclaim her work/ life balance (without a nanny).

‘There’s a lot more to me than just being a mum – I want to be seen as a businesswoman now,’ says the 31-year-old.  ‘But I have no idea how I’m doing it – I have not stopped working and I don’t have a nanny so with me every single day and no one really knows yet but I seem to be juggling everything okay.’

‘Becoming a mum really has changed me'

‘Obviously my daughter comes first now,’ says the brunette beauty.   ‘I come second, Adam comes second too – it’s all about her now.   I give Ariana a lot of attention, not because I have to but because I really want to.’

‘Becoming a mum really has changed me,’ continues the mum-of-one.  ‘Being a mum has made me want to do more in work and at home – I don’t have a nanny and there’s a reason for that, I think I’d get jealous and be really put out if Ariana went to the nanny instead of me, I just want to be with her every single day.’

Imogen takes a selfie with Jen at Mother&Baby's Big Heart Awards

 ‘I gave up the whole modeling thing a long time ago and becoming a mum has given me something else to focus on other than myself,’ says Imogen.  ‘My little girl has inspired my new online baby boutique – it’s called Aribella – I got the name Ari from Ariana and Bella from my niece.’

‘Ariana always gets comments on how she’s dressed and has actually been the little model – I’m just focusing on girls clothes right now with a lot of A-line dresses and bows because I want to concentrate on something that I really know but I’m hoping to launch a boys collection next year.’

Imogen Thomas’ beautiful baby brand Aribella is due to launch this September – look out for the Mother&Baby exclusive sneak peak coming soon...

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