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Ferne McCann talks breastfeeding, extravagant purchases and why she chose the name Sunday

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Ferne McCann is fast becoming our favourite mum to follow on social media. Whether it's the adorable snaps of her five-month-old daughter Sunday, the glamorous outfit inspo (seriously though, can we swap wardrobes, please?) and behind the scenes of her very exciting work-life.

How does the telly presenter juggle being a mum and working full-time so effortlessly? "I mean, I don’t really know!" she laughs, "I don’t actually know how I’m juggling all of it. I’m just kind of getting on with it if I'm honest."

We sat down with Ferne to discuss life as a new mum, her most extravagant purchase and her brand-new, fly-on-the-wall series Ferne McCann: First Time Mum.

Hello Ferne! Firstly, what is the one thing you wish someone told you about becoming a mum?

That breastfeeding is a full-time job! I found it quite difficult getting Sunday to take a bottle because for the first two months she was exclusively breastfed and I wanted to do mixed feeding so I kind of wish that someone said breastfeeding is a full-time job...


You literally have to be a stay at home mum and solely concentrate on breastfeeding because its only you that can feed your baby. So as much as I loved breast feeding and it creates such a special bond with your baby and it’s so quick, convenient and great. But, for me, because I didn’t take a maternity leave and I threw myself straight back into work,  it would have been ideal from the start if she could take from a bottle, because sucking from a boob to sucking from a teat of a bottle is two different techniques.

I spent two weeks over Christmas where I was consistently persistent putting the bottle in her mouth and now she takes from a bottle, so yeah, I really wish someone would have told me that!

What’s surprised you most about being a mum?

I suppose I know it’s like a cliché, but definitely the love throughout my pregnancy. I’ve been quite open about this before, but I was like 'what if I don’t get that gush of love? What if I don’t get that unconditional love that everyone speaks about?' and that has surprised me, because obviously, I knew I would but I think just the amount of love I feel and how it's a different type of love has really surprised me.

What is *always* in your baby bag?

So, water wipes, the Tommee Tippee flask, a change of clothes. I would say a muslin, but I always forget my muslins! You’ll see on episode two , where mum's like, 'you need a muslin!' 

I don’t even have a handbag anymore. I’ve got a rucksack baby bag and the front zip is my phone, lip gloss, keys and money. She’s completely taken over now and all I have is this small miniature pocket! 

How do you relax if you’ve had a really stressful day?

It actually sounds really boring, but my favourite thing to do is to have my friends chilling round mine after Sunday has gone to sleep. I love just spending time at home, because I’m often here there and everywhere! I love bathtime and then bedtime. I love my friends will come over, having a lovely takeaway or cooking some really nice food, having a nice bottle of wine and starting a new Netflix series. I love just to do stuff where I can zone out but like spending time with my friends and family.

Sunday is a lovely name, what made you choose it?

Well, it was definitely in my list. I wanted something unique and I was using this face cleanser by Sunday Riley and I just thought that that was the person that owned the brand. I thought that was her name and I was like 'that’s such a lovely name!'. I thought it was like Elizabeth Arden. 

I googled Sunday Riley and realised it wasn’t and then I typed in 'Sunday name' and then saw Nicole Kidman’s daughter is called Sunday. I’d thought about calling her Sunday before, though. 

What kind of mum are you? Are you strict?

I think I’m very laid back and just go with the flow. I think that I will have to be strict at some point. I think I’ll be strict in terms of things like food and stuff because when I was a child my dad was quite strict, but not in a mean way, so I think I’ll be strict in terms of 'no you can’t leave the table until you’ve eaten your dinner' and things like that. I don’t want to give her too much option or choice, because I feel like if kids have got too much option then they can become like a bit bratty. They need boundaries so I think I’ll be laid back, but understanding and stuff. I think you have to set the rules.

What kind of mum did you think you’d be?

I didn’t know and this was what I was really excited about when I was pregnant I was like, 'what kind of mum am going to be?' I just take everything in my stride and that’s why I think I’m really laid back and chilled. I never used to be very maternal, so I wasn't going to be gushy. Sunday's made me gushy and lovey dovey! 

What’s your most extravagant mum purchase so far?

Probably the pram, what pram is it... it's from Stokke. It’s massive and I never use it, it's ridiculous. The convenient ones really are the best and the big fancy ones are just a pain to use. I live in a flat so it’s up and down the stairs. But yeah, I don’t really splurge, I’m not a splurger on myself really.

I bought her some really nice holiday bits from that Childrensalon website, which is designer clothes for kids, which I do think is a bit ridiculous but I love Sunday in bonnets so they do really nice old fashion bonnets. It’s like a Net A Porter for children, which again really isn’t me! I mean, she’s currently in a Mothercare bib and babygrow because they’re just so comfy and she probably doesn’t want to be in the expensive designer bonnet...

How was it filming for your new tv show with Sunday?

Yeah it was definitely interesting! The cameras like followed me for eight weeks, so you get to see everything like the highs the lows and me being a mum because obviously I did the first one-off first time mum just before Christmas that was a 90 minute special so I think like it’s just the follow on from that, seeing what sort of mother I am...


Were there any moments where you were like just 'no filming today'?

There was a moment when I looked up and she’d done a massive poo and if you don’t put a fresh nappy on quick enough,  she might do a wee or poo and you might miss it and it literally just went everywhere and I was in a hotel and they were filming and I just looked up and I was like 'er, can you just stop!' but at the same time, you almost want people to see them sides as well because it's real!

That’s just a silly thing. There are also things that are tougher to speak about, but that’s the thing with a show like that. I’ve always been quite an open book and worn my heart on my sleeve, so I think it's important to show that aspect.

Are there any plans for more children in the future?

It’s not something that’s on my radar, because Sunday is my priority and all I really think about at the moment. She’s 6 months, so it’s not something I’m thinking about. Who knows, maybe one day!

Thanks Ferne! 


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