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Four-Minute Mamahood... Myleene Klass

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Myleene Klass talks us through her wobbles and triumphs as she reflects on the greatest lessons in motherhood...

‘Being a mum changes EVERYTHING!’

Even when, from the first minute you hold your baby, everything changes, there is a switch without a shadow of a doubt you just think ‘there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you’, everything changes, EVERYTHING changes.

‘You can lose days just staring at your baby’

I’d lose days, I remember just sitting on the sofa and just staring at her, just thinking ‘you’re the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen in my life’ and then suddenly looking at the clock and thinking ‘where have the last three hours gone?’ You’re just hypnotised… and then the laundry piles up and the house falls apart.

‘They’re going to be taking your car keys and driving off…’

They’re going to be leaving home very shortly, they’ll be taking your car keys, driving off, leaving home. I want to make the most of every second I’ve got with my children.

‘Milk? I felt like I’d been hit by a bus.”

When your milk comes in on the third day, I thought I’d been hit by a bus… what the hell is this?!

My boobs were were rock hard, I wanted just to cry and I didn’t know why, I didn’t know whether it was because I was happy, sad, I didn’t know, I just- I didn’t feel like I was connected to my own feelings because you just feel so raw. Nobody says about anything that you actually want to know about, that’s why I speak very candidly to my girlfriends.

‘Try and find time to brush your teeth’

Yeah but that achievement when you go home at night and you just think ‘I did this’. Yeah, you just didn’t have time to maybe brush your own hair or… I was going to say brush your teeth but try and find time to brush your teeth!

‘Remember you grew a human’

It was afterwards that I really struggled because my body was so different, you want to have a better sense of self don’t you because you want to get back to what you thought is you and then you have to just realise... you don't ever get back to where you were or what you were because how can you? You grew a human, you gave birth to a human, how can anything ever be the same again after that?

‘I am THAT mother’

Ava didn’t really have that many tantrums and Hero has them every hour, I’m that mother in the restaurant going ‘we’re going now… lets leave these nice people to eat their dinner’

‘They’ll hit their teens & say ‘why are you still here?’’

It would be great if they wanted to be with you, work with you then they’re going to hit their teens they’ll be like ‘why are you still here?’

‘Did anyone criticise me when I was pregnant?!’

The amount of women that just feel that that they’re in a position to criticise what others say, what they do. At the time it might seem important then afterwards you haven’t got time to read it because you don’t read anymore

‘I don’t think I’m ever, ever sleeping again’

You know I don’t think I’m ever, ever, ever going to sleep- properly, through the night – ever again because you’ve always got that one ear open, that one eye open, you’re always thinking. I just wish that I’d just slept. Before I had mine, all my friends said that to me who have got kids, 'just sleep' and I didn’t listen, I was like ‘it’s fine, it’s fine, I’ll be exhausted so of course I’ll sleep’  but I didn’t realise I’d never sleep again - so that’s a bit annoying.


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