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Frankie Bridge's brilliant tip for a fun Easter with your little ones

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Frankie Bridge

Frankie Bridge has revealed her top tip when organising a fun Easter holiday for the whole family and we think it’s brilliant.

The ex-popstar is very clearly a fan of both organised fun and chocolate (who isn't?) as her number one recommendation was a whopping, big egg hunt. 

"To make Easter as fun as possible, I'd set them a trail with little clues they can find and follow. I'd get as many friends and family involved as possible and go somewhere outside and as spread out as you can be. It's always hard to get kids outside, so I feel like it's a really good excuse," she said.

Frankie also revealed how she is planning her own Easter Egg hunt for her two boys Parker, three, and Carter, two. 

“It’s actually a little bit of a secret but Easter is my favourite holiday. We used to have Easter Egg Hunts every year and now I love to do the same for my own children," she said.

So adorable.

Frankie's love for Easter doesn't stop there. The ex-Saturdays star has teamed up with Cadbury and has rewritten the children's book, The Tale Of The Great Easter Bunny.

So, mum-of-two, popstar, pixie crop icon and author. Overachiever or what?

And the re-worked book sounds like perfect reading material for your little one for the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday.

"The biggest difference between the book then and now is that I wanted to make it more in the real world," Frankie explained.

"I wanted to make it more relatable for everyone, so they felt like they were really involved and felt like The Tale of the Easter Bunny could happen to them." 

What's even better is you can download the book for free from Cadbury website.

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