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The Giovanna Fletcher Column: "Two days before our holiday, Buddy broke out in chicken pox!"

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In this month's column, Giovanna Fletcher tells us about what happened when her son Buddy broke out in chickenpox two days before their summer holiday to lovely Italy...

Our summer holidays were set to kick off with a comfortable bang as we had planned a trip to Italy with the rest of my family. A whole week of great food, great wine and lots of exploring in the mountains was waiting for us...

Then, two days before we were set to fly, Buddy broke out in chicken pox. I knew it was coming. We’d been at a birthday party the weekend before and two hours afterwards, one of the mums texted me to say her son had broken out in them.

Typically, Buddy had been sitting next to him at dinner. So yes, I had a feeling chicken pox was on the way, and I just told myself it was one of those things that they’d all get. 

That said, I was still a little surprised when they did make an appearance, probably because Buddy was full of beans and wasn’t acting poorly at all. 

However, I was, of course, gutted that we wouldn’t be able to fly off on our holidays, but knew that was the right thing to do - none of the spots had scabbed over by the time the flight came around and I didn’t think the 35 degree heat in Italy was going to do them much good anyway. 

I thought telling the kids we weren’t going to Italy was going to be the hardest thing ever, but thanks to the trampoline Tom had bought that day from Argos, they took it surprisingly well, and happily bounced away. 

So home it was. But seeing as we’d both booked time off for the holiday it seemed to be the perfect timing really... at least we were all in it together! 

Buddy takes illness or injuries in his stride. He is unfazed most of the time and if he falls over will simply get up and carry on going. And that is just how he has handled this.

He has not moaned, and he has been telling me when things are itchy so I can apply some cooling gel - he’s generally been well and happy. This means that we have been able to do things with him and occupy his mind. 

To stop us all getting cabin fever we’ve been busy with all types of things in the home or garden (thank goodness the sun has been out). 

The boxes the trampoline came in proved to be useful straight away as they were dragged into the bushes and transformed into a majestic den.

Any other delivery boxes that came for the following week were added to the collection - making a new sofa, or TV. It was quite the pad in there. 

We decided to put the paints outside and let the boys get creative. And then I went through the cupboards and donated any DRY out of date ingredients to Buddy’s cookery play.

This wasn’t the best idea as (as any child would) Buddy decided to mix it with water, and then managed to get a whole bag of flour without me knowing, which in turn created a thick paste all over the grass... not good. 

If anything, getting the boys to chill out and slow down has been the hardest thing, but we’ve worked our way through the bookshelves and Buzz has been getting on with a reading challenge from school, so everyone has something to focus on.

We are off to Cornwall in a few days and I’ve just noticed a spot pop up on Buzz’s tummy. Here we go again! 

Wish me luck,

Gi. Xxx

What memories have you got from your child breaking out in chicken pox? 

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Giovanna Fletcher is a Sunday Times bestselling author, actress, blogger and presenter who also writes a monthly column for Mother&Baby. She has a podcast called Happy Mum Happy Baby in which she has interviewed everyone from Fearne Cotton to Emma Willis around the highs (and sometimes lows) of parenthood. 

She is a mum to three boys, Buzz Buddy and Max who she shares with husband Tom Fletcher. 

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