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The gorgeous family holiday milestones cards every parent needs... with Giovanna Fletcher!

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From helping choose the perfect shell to place on a sandcastle your five-year-old has painstakingly built to endless hours of entertainment in the swimming pool - we can all agree that there is a whole lot of fun to be had on a family holiday. 

Even if trips to the beach involve more toilet trips then we've had hot dinners.


We need another holiday just to get over the 7383826 toilet trips 😂🙄

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With ‘creating new memories as a family’ revealed as one of the top reasons British parents love to travel with their kids (77%), Emirates has teamed up with much-loved author, actor and mum Giovanna Fletcher to create milestone cards to help parents mark and remember the big firsts of their children’s holidays.

Giovanna said, “With baby number 3 almost here, I’ve been thinking about all those special milestones moments that are in store. I’ve seen so many lovely pics on social media of the cute cards marking first teeth, first steps and first day at school that I wanted to try that but do something a little different.

That’s why I’m delighted to have partnered with Emirates to create a set of Family Holiday Milestone cards that celebrate everything from first flight to first splash in the sea. I can’t wait to try them out on our first holiday as a family of five in a few months’ time.”

The holiday milestones include:

1) First flight

2) First splash in the sea

3) First dip in the pool

4) First theme park

5) First meal in a new country

6) First sandcastle

7) First meal in the air

8) First boat trip

9) First holiday friend

10) First holiday bedtime story

From next week, a limited number of sets of Emirates Holiday Milestone cards will be available at all seven UK airports Emirates flies from (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle), so parents can celebrate precious family holiday memories throughout the summer and beyond. To join the conversation on social use #HolidayMilestones.


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