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Giovanna Fletcher: ‘The positive pregnancy result came as a shock!’

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Giovanna Fletcher has opened up about her third pregnancy in her exclusive column with Mother & Baby magazine. Read it in full in this month's issue - but in the meantime, here's a sneak peek...

Author, podcaster and all-round sweetheart Giovanna Fletcher has opened up about her pregnancy and how she felt when the test showed she was expecting her third child.

The mum-of-two announced her swell news in a snow-tastic video with husband Tom and two children, Buzz 3, Buddy 2.

The couple captioned the video: "We have some news to share... ❤️Roll on September. xxx @tomfletcher #love #family"

Despite wanting more mini Fletchers soon, Giovanna revealed in her M&B column, "The positive pregnancy result came as quite a shock!’

She admitted that she'd planned to wait a few more years before getting pregnant again, due to her and Tom's ever-filling diaries. 

Despite the surprise, Giovanna is over-the-moon at the prospect of her new arrival, "Having gone through fertility troubles in the past, I’ve always been aware of how lucky I would be to fall pregnant at anytime"

The mum of two has previously opened up about her fertility problems in her book Happy Mum, Happy Baby

Find out the rest of the story in the May issue of Mother&Baby, click here to order and get free delivery to your door!



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