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He’s Got Talent! Simon Cowell’s Baby Already Being Taught How To Sing And Dance

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Baby Eric is being shown the showbiz ropes by his mum, Lauren

He may only be five weeks old, but Simon Cowell’s son, Eric, is already enjoying being taught to sing and dance.

However, the music mogul has pointed out that if he’s a good singer, Simon and his fiancée Lauren will hold off introducing him to the glamorous world of music and TV until he’s three years old. Yep, practically an adult in showbiz terms…

During an interview with a US radio station, Simon said, ‘If he can sing, Lauren and I have agreed that we wouldn’t do anything with him until he is at least three years old.

‘Lauren is already teaching him how to sing and dance.’

Although, perhaps he’s more suited to sitting behind the talent show panel desk like his father, as he’s already passed judgement on his mum’s abilities as a singer.

Simon joked, ‘Funnily enough the only time I have heard him really cry is when Lauren started to sing!’ Ouch.

However, it seems Lauren understands the benefits of singing and dancing with her baby – as well as being a great way to bond with your little one, a study last year discovered singing lullabies to babies can reduce pain when they’re ill.

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