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Holly Willoughby shares tip to help your baby get to sleep (and it's a good 'un!)

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We've all been there.

Comforting a baby at 4am on approx 0.8 minutes sleep, making desperate 'shh-ing' sounds whilst inwardly willing the poor soul to surrender and get some shut-eye.

Wondering if you might possibly die due to sleep deprivation. Remembering Ellie' from NCT group's rather smug, "My little darling sleeps all through the night with no problem at all!" and feeling equal parts angry, deflated and guilty.

Whilst we are not offering a miracle cure, someone who has been there and worn the (vomit-stained) t-shirt is telly presenter Holly Willoughby.

The This Morning presenter has three children Belle, Harry and Chester and admits she found night time as a parent, a real struggle.

Luckily for us, Holly's shared her experience in her book, Truly Happy Baby: It Worked For Me.

Apparently, it's all down to the 'floppy arm' trick.

Those moments when you're unsure if your teeny-one is asleep enough that you're able to lay them down in their cot without them waking? No one wants to accidentally wake up a baby, especially when it's been a working-effort since 7pm.

Holly recommends trying something called the floppy arm trick. All you do is pick up your baby's arm and if it proceeds to drop down heavily, they’re ready for the cot. If it’s not flopping, that means you should wait a bit longer.

Interesting. Very interesting.

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