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How Did Kim Kardashian Deal With Her On-Screen Breastmilk Leak?

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Kim Kardashian was filmed having a moment most mums and mums-to-be can relate to – an unexpected breastmilk leak.

On Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, new mum Kim had a typical mum-moment when her breast started leaking, leaving a large liquid mark on her top and around her right nipple.  And was promptly told so by sister Khloe, who said, 'Your boob is, like, leaking out of control! It is like a water fountain.'

Despite the embarrassing new-mum moment, Kim, who’s baby North is seven months old, accepted it’s a natural part of new motherhood, and casually readjusted herself, sticking a tissue down the left side of her top to stop that from leaking as well.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

‘Leaking breasts are completely normal for new mums,’ says lactation expert Sioned Hilton.  ‘Every mum is different – while some women never leak, others can barely keep their nursing tops dry. If you’re expressing and are worried about how much milk you are making, try alternating breasts so if you’ve fed your baby from your right breast, try expressing from the left the next time and always make sure you’re hydrated.’

Baby North and cousin Penelope, one, share a cuddle. Instagram: @kimkardashian

What’s been your most embarrassing mum moment?  Let us know in the comment box below.


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