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‘I’m Definitely Not Good At Being Woken Up In The Night’: We Chat To Zoë Ball

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Household favourite Zoë Ball shares her thoughts on birth, toddlers and couple time in the new Mother&Baby magazine

When the first 10 seconds of a chat with Zoë Ball is about cankles (when your calves merge into your ankles, FYI), you know it’s going to be a memorable conversation.

The radio and TV presenter, 43, is married to Norman Cook – aka DJ Fatboy Slim – and mum to Woody, 13, and Nelly, four.

Juggling a teenager and a toddler is no mean feat, but there’s still plenty of time for fun – as we found out when we sat down with Zoë to talk sleep, family holidays and the best song to get kids dancing.

I had two Caesareans for health reasons and tell my kids they came out the sunroof. We actually had the same doctor and medical team with Nelly 10 years after having Woody, which was really special – like a reunion. I remember them saying it’ll be like someone doing the washing up in your stomach, and then I heard Woody crying. Norman got great photos of Nell coming out – it’s fascinating.

Woody fed really slowly, which was tough, but Nell was much better. We had our maternity nurse Nicky second time around, and she’s amazing – she should have her own TV show. That kind of support can be quite expensive, so friends and I sometimes club together to give a new mum friend the gift of a maternity nurse for a few nights to help out.

We’re a family of bears and love our sleep. Everyone always assumes Norman and I would be fine with sleepless nights and getting up with a baby because of our careers, but I’m definitely not good at being woken in the night – it’s harder when it’s not through choice!

The daddy-daughter relationship is something completely different. All Norman’s male friends told him, “Oh you wait, you’ll see that a daughter relationship is something totally new”. He was like, “Yeah, yeah”, and now Nelly has him wrapped round her little finger.

Group holidays are great. We like going away with our friends and their children – they’ve all grown up together, which is lovely. Our friends’ kids even went out to a nightclub last time we were away – so weird! Then we try to always have a holiday with just the four of us. We’re talking about driving across America in a camper van but I’m worried Nell’s a little bit too young at the moment. We do want to start doing more adventurous things, though.

Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe always gets toddlers dancing. In my house, anyway. Nelly and Woody also really love Naughty Boy’s La La La at the moment – Woody does the rap and Nelly does the la la las. It was Nelly The Elephant for years, but we just can’t hear that anymore.

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