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The best mum-influencers to follow on Instagram

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When you've changed more nappies than you thought was humanly possible where do you head to for some light relief? We think Instagram might be the perfect place to find mum-influencers who will make you feel like you're not alone!

Forget pristine and curated Instagram feeds full of kale smoothies and bedtime routines, we are talking honest and frank discussions about motherhood, fashion inspo to fight the badly dressed mum stereotype and tips on post-baby body confidence.

Whether you need an inspiring quote to spur you on or advice on hair trends these accounts are wonderfully varied and funny. Check out our definitive list of the best UK mum-influencers to follow.

The best mum-influencers to follow:

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1) Clemmie Hooper, @mother_of_daughters, 580k followers

Mummy, midwife and author Clemmie Hooper is one of the queens of the mum-influencer scene. She has four daughters with her Insta-famous hubby @father_of_daughters. Her Instagram has a bit of everything! It features photos of her four beautiful 'little women', honest snaps of her job, style inspiration, the fabulous interiors of her seaside home and even book recommendations.
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2) Frédérique Harrel, @freddieharrel, 177k followers

Cosmo's influencer of the year 2018, Freddie Harrel, is a mother, stylist and entrepeneur. Originally from Paris but based in London, her Instagram is all about fashion, business and her son Hugo. She gives tips on motherhood, confidence and female empowerment. 
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3) Anna Whitehouse, @mother_pukka, 187k followers

Anna Whitehouse makes a living from mummy blogging and Instagram. Although she writes for Marie Claire, it isn't all glitz and glamour. Anna shows the realistic side to parenting like the trials and tribulations of maaternity leave and when your child is ill. Her husband, @papa_pukka has also turned to Instagram to document their parenting journey.
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4) Zoë de Pass, @dresslikeamum, 120k followers

Mother of three Zoë de Pass is determined to change the stereotype of badly dressed mums. Follow her Instagram for amazing and bold style inspiration.
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5) Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson, @scummymummies, 80.2k followers

If you follow this account you get two honest, open and hilarious mums for the price of one! You'll get frank captions about motherhood, realistic mum-bod snaps, wine drinking and chicken nuggets for dinner. They also have a podcast and have done live comedy shows where they discuss feminism, IVF, pelvic floors and breastfeeding.
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6) Susie Verrill, @susiejverrill, 102k followers

Mother of two, Susie is a glamourous modern mama blogger. Previously a social media and features editor for Look magazine, Susie now focuses her energy into her parenting blog. Susie's instagram includes days out and holidays with the kids, fashion and her life with the father of her children, gold medal winning Olympian Greg Rutherford.
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7) Faye Gooding, @mother_of_five_boys, 53.3k followers

Mummy blogger Faye Gooding lives in Cornwall and documents her life with her five boys. Her Instagram discusses how often people question her decision to have five children and features plenty of trips to the beach, travel and frank captions about motherhood and confidence.
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8) Clemmie Telford, @clemmie_telford, 86.9k

Clemmie Telford is the curator of the Mother of All Lists which is a collection of lists about parenting and beyond. Her Instagram features very gritty and frank captions about motherhood, wrinkles, pregnancy cravings and relationships.
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9) Sarah Turner, @theunmumsymum, 332k followers

Mother of three, Sarah Turner is one of the top mum-influencers with a huge following. She has two bestselling books and first starting writing a blog and documenting motherhood as she felt she couldn't relate to anything she was reading. Sarah says that "there was a huge discrepancy between the almost glossy parenting I was seeing online and the day-to-day reality of being a parent". With relateable posts about cellulite, her 'crier' of a baby Wilf and Christmas spending this Instagram is definitely one to follow.
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10) Molly Gunn, @selfishmother, 120k followers

The account documents Molly's life with her kids and every Wednesday an 'Instazine' (Instagram magazine) made up of nine squares featuring videos, shopping guides and opinion pieces. Molly founded the Selfish Mother web platform, a place for like-minded people to share views and vent frustration about parent as well as retail spin off The FMLY Store. A portion of the profits from the products sold (t-shirts and sweatshirts) goes to charities supporting women and children and the website has already raised £1 million.
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11) Emma Conway, @brummy8mummyof2, 70k followers

Award-winning vlogger Emma has a signature sense of humour. The Instagram features lots of dressing gowns, funny selfies, dressing up with the kids and gin and tonics.
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12) Micah Quinones, @lifewithmicah, 62.2k

This account comes from the perspective on baby model Micah and is managed by her parents. Micah has Down Syndrome and the Instagram features adorable beach pics, photos with family and model-style snaps of Micah himself.
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13) Natalie Lee, @stylemesunday, 58.8k followers

This mummy acount explores body image and self acceptance. There are a lot of body positive selfies and fashion inspiration to oggle at. 
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14) Tess Holliday, @tessholliday, 1.7m followers

If this face looks familiar to you, it is because it is the face of world-famous plus-size model Tess Holiday. A recent cover photo featuring Tess caused controversy because of her weight. Tess is not all glitz and glamour, she regularly posts photos of her little one. Follow Tess for plus-size fashion, feminism chat, American politics and realistic posts about how motherhood isn't easy.
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15) Tina V Brotke, @tina.v.b, 50.9k followers

Tina is famous for her word boards featuring funny, inspiring or relatable quotes about motherhood. Think breastfeeding honesty, body positivity pics and adorable baby snaps.
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16) Karen Howden, @ourtinydiaries, 25.5k followers

Karen is a full-time teacher and her husband stays at home with their three kids. They live in Devon and their feed is full of beautiful photos of their 100-year-old cottage, the Devon countryside and adorable photos of the family themselves. Chatty and honest captions help document the trials and tribulations of motherhood.
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17) Amanda Fulton, @gingermumstyle, 59.6k followers

Amanda's account is all about fashion but she has also featured on a L'Oreal ad and is a freelancer writer. Where does she get all the time? The feed is full of colourful artistic shots and beautiful outfits from high street to designer. 
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18) Eden Grinshpan Nivron, @edeneats, 95.1k

This funny Instagram account is full of delicious looking food with a sprinking of baby snaps. You can find photos of Eden pumping breastmilk or feeding on-the-go
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19) Anna Williamson, @annawilliamsonofficial, 18k followers

This is the account of our very own 'Ask Anna' agony aunt Anna Williamson! Anna is TV presenter, author and life coach. On her Instagram she openly discusses all things mental health, postnatal depression and the gross bits about being a mamma (that we can definitely relate to!).
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20) Turia Pitt, @turiapitt, 852k followers

Turia Pitt is an Australian athlete who was caught in a grassfire during an ultramarathon where she suffered burns to 65% of her body. Turia is now a life coach, author and humanitarian. Her work as a mindset coach means she often offers helpful advice to parents and the funny side of being a mum. 
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21) Karen Edwards, @travelmadmum, 103k followers

If you don't like feeling envious, maybe give this account a miss but we simply can't resist drooling over the amazing travel shots on this account! Karen wants to show parents that the world is not off limit for new parents. She covers topics such as backpacking with a baby, flying with children, travelling on maternity leave as well as destination specific info. Karen says that "Travelling is an incredible way to bond as a family, introduce your child to a variety of sights, smells and sounds and prepare them for a life surrounded by other cultures".
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22) Cara Sutherland, @carasuthers, 58.4k followers

This account was started as a creative outlet for Cara after she gave up her job in retail management to become a full-time mother. What started out focusing on parenting has evolved into covering interiors, lifestyle and fashion. There are a lot of beautiful shots of family life in the country and the interiors on this feed of Cara's Cotswold home are seriously envy inducing! 
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23) Gemma Rose Breger and Samantha Silver, @thisismothership, 34k followers

Another two-for-the-price-of-one account! This account features fashion and celebrity stylist Gemma and beauty director Gemma meaning they have an in depth knowledge of the fashion and beauty industry. They cut through the crap with their experiences of motherhood and give tips of the best buys for you, your baby and your home.
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24) Katie Ellison, @mummydaddyme, 61.5k followers

Katie's popular account is filled with adorable images of the whole family, often dresses in stylish and colour co-ordinated outfits. Her Instagram also features lots of beautiful drool-worthy interiors and documents their travels abroad!
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25) Lisa Quilter, @bored_mum_and_little_one, 512 followers

This account may be less popular than a lot of the others on this list but it certainly makes up for that with its uniqueness. It is a fantastic account to follow if you need ideas of ways to play with your little one! From DIY rock pools to easily made sensory bags - you'll be wondering why you didn't think of this!


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