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Is Cheryl Fernandaz-Versini Considering A Break From The X Factor To Start A Family?

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Cheryl has spoken of plans to have a break from judging the talent show to start a family – while Simon Cowell has responded, saying he managed to have a child and remain in the spotlight

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, 31, has revealed that she’s thinking of taking a year off to become a mum.
 ‘You couldn’t do them both,’ the singer told The Sun newspaper. ‘Next year is going to be the time where I reflect on what I’ve done and think about what I want to do. I’m not ruling it out.
‘To think about going back next year at this point is too much. I put my heart and soul into it – I’m not a half-hearted person.’
Cheryl, who married husband Jean-Bernard during the summer, might be a little more broody now that her friend and bandmate Kimberley Walsh is a parent. And so, of course, is her The X Factor boss and mentor Simon Cowell.

However, the music mogul doesn’t agree with Cheryl’s belief that you can’t have it all, saying that he had both a child and a career at the same time. ‘Well, I had one,’ Simon told The Sun. But let’s not forget that he didn’t get pregnant and have to go through childbirth…
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