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Is Prince George Being Married Off Already? Royal Baby Apparently Has Plenty Of Romantic Offers – Despite Only Just Getting His First Teeth!

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Any Royal baby will be subject to more speculation than the average tot, but according to reports, Prince George is already being married off – at least in the minds of the parents who have met him during the current Royal tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Proud dad Prince William said the eight-month-old has had quite a few offers from the parents of similarly aged little girls, after a couple spoke to him about a possible match between George and their daughter.

Karen Dreaver, the mum of baby Emily, who was born nine days after the prince, told interviewers about the conversation she had with Wills during an inspection of Royal New Zealand Air Force personnel.

‘We mentioned how well paired she and George would be in the future,’ she said.

William reportedly replied, ‘There have been a few babies touted to us,’ said Mrs Dreaver, adding, ‘He could see the funny side.’

The Royal couple are currently in Auckland on the New Zealand leg of their tour, and they and Prince George seem to be making a very good impression on the Commonwealth country.

Have your friends ever mentioned getting your respective babies married off to each other in the future? How did you feel about it?


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