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‘It’s Halved My Ego’: Lily Allen On How Motherhood’s Really Affected Her

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Lily Allen has never been afraid to say what some other people only think. In an interview in the latest issue of Q Magazine, the singer reveals how being a mum has changed her

Comparing life without kids to being a mum, she says, ‘The things that affected me were like, “I can’t believe people are saying horrible things about me.” But as long as people are saying horrible about me and not my children. It’s not about me. I’m not even a real person any more. I’m just their mum.’

Lily has even admitted to wondering if she made the right decision in having children so young.  ‘I was reading the papers and seeing my friends and peers doing what I had done before and feeling like, “Have I made the right choice?” And I had made the right choice by the way,’ she says.

‘I love my children. They’re the best things that have ever happened to me and I would trade all this in a second if I thought it was going to impact negatively on them.’

As well as downsizing her ego, Lily has revealed that motherhood temporarily stunted her creativity. But she says that it returned once she stopped breastfeeding her youngest daughter and her hormones leveled out.

'When my kids start school, I really want to be there'

‘I felt such relief that I could connect with myself again,’ she admits. ‘I don’t want to slag off my own work because I am proud of this record, but I think there’s probably better to come from me and there’s been better stuff in the past as well. I was just relived to have something that slightly resembled me because I’d felt so far away from me.’

Lily’s in it for the long game with clear plans for how she’ll make her career work for her and her family. ‘When my kids start school, I really want to be there,’ she says. ‘This was a little pocket of time I had to do this. One last hurrah and then I want to write musicals and songs for other people.’

Read the full interview in the June issue of Q Magazine, out now.

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